Week Five Fantasy Quarterback Rankings

Saturday, 6 October, 2018

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Listed below are Zack’s top fantasy football quarterbacks for week five of the NFL season.

1. Cam Newton
Newton comes in fresh off a bye week and ready to attack a Giants defense that has given up chunks of yards to opposing teams.

2. Aaron Rodgers
Statistically Rodgers has not lived up to his top rated billing all season. Look for an upgrade in performance even with his issues at wide receiver.

3. Carson Wentz

The Eagles have ways of making their quarterbacks feel comfortable all the while amassing solid stats. Wentz will face a Vikings team with three days extra rest but look for the Eagles to continue to find ways of adapting their offense.

4. Kirk Cousins
Don’t look now but Kirk Cousins is finding a way to be amongst the top leaders in yards at quarterback. Philadelphia’s defense is not the same as a year ago, which means Cousins, should continue to pile up yards.

5. Jared Goff
As potent as the Rams offense has showcased it’s not a shock to see Goff listed weekly inside the top seven. The Rams are going to find ways to score points no matter the weather and opponent. The old philosophy of a strong Seahawks defense is out the window.

6. Drew Brees
Brees and the Saints should have extra motivation thanks to two subpar performances to start the season at home. One that included a narrow victory over the Browns and the other an upset loss to the Buccaneers. On the road their last two games the Saints have established their offense and also get Mark Ingram back.

7. Derek Carr
Last week the Raiders established a ground game as Marshawn Lynch rushed for over 100 yards. The Raiders are at a point that they know in order to win they need to not let off the gas. Losses against the Rams, Broncos, and Dolphins all happened because of the offense not sustaining. Carr should carry over week four’s momentum against the Chargers.

8. Patrick Mahomes
Mahomes has established himself as a benefit of Andy Reid’s offense. While the focus of the Jaguars defense is on shutting down Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt, look for Mahomes to continue to showcase his ability to extend plays and pile up yards.

9. DeShaun Watson
Watson finally looked himself in last week’s first victory for the Houston Texans over the Indianapolis Colts. Now Watson will be in prime time which he has always excelled in dating back to his collegiate days. Expect big numbers against a Dallas defense that’s middle of the pack.

10. Russ Wilson
Wilson’s largely been MIA to the fantasy world thanks to a slow pace offense. The Seahawks seem content at trying to play the clock and win games in the fourth quarter. Yet this is a different scenario than the past two weeks against the Bears and Cardinals. Expect the Seahawks to be forced to match the pace of the Rams and for Wilson to benefit.

11. Andy Dalton
12. Ben Roethlisberger
13. Matt Ryan
14. CJ Beathard
15. Alex Smith
16. Philip Rivers
17. Baker Mayfield
18. Ryan Tannehill
19. Marcus Mariota
20. Dak Prescott

Updated Fantasy Quarterback Rankings 8/11/14

Tuesday, 12 August, 2014


I haven’t updated my fantasy rankings since mid-June. This week I’ll unveil new updated rankings in all positions each day. If you have any personal questions to help your fantasy football team feel free to email me at notjustagame23@gmail.com or via twitter@cimini.

1. Drew Brees
The Saints may be ready to pull off the mountain hike back up to the top of the NFL. We’ve seen this trend with teams over the last ten years. They get to the top, stumble back to the bottom and then refocus back to the top. New Orleans impressed early on in the season going undefeated before teams began trapping Jimmy Graham. That won’t work as easily this season with the improvement of Kenny Stills and the drafting of Brandin Cooks. The field will be wide open again for Brees. Look for him to flourish at his typical high rate.

2. Cam Newton
I love the fact that Newton has stayed out of the limelight. His growth on the field took a dive in his second season and grew immensely last year. His all around great rookie season seems well in the past to fantasy owners. People may think the Panthers offense will stay grounded but look for Newton to be the big difference in its growth forward. Steve Smith wasn’t a number one receiver anymore and it was the appropriate time to move on. Newton will have his best fantasy season yet in 2014.

3. Aaron Rodgers
Remember a few seasons ago when Tony Romo was catching flack for parading with Jessica Simpson in the offseason. Rodgers has been in similar fashion this offseason but since he isn’t on the Cowboys it hasn’t been mentioned. Rodgers talent on the field speaks for itself. He is one quarterback that you don’t have to think twice about. Others have offensive limitations on a weekly basis or age worries.

4. Matthew Stafford
It was just a few seasons ago that Matt Stafford was being drafted in round one of fantasy leagues. Change in Detroit figures to be a primary beneficiary to the defense which has been heavily invested in by the Lions front office. Look for it to show the biggest difference in Stafford. Megatron is still there and there should be a retooled focus all around in Detroit.

5. Peyton Manning
I’m not ranking Manning one or two as I believe the Broncos are going to re-shift the way they manage Manning. If their ultimate goal is to get to the Super Bowl they have to protect Manning better. Reducing the amount of throws and focusing on a great running game will be the emphasis in 2014. He needs to be fresh and sharp for one last great playoff run. Elway will be an influence in this and it’ll lead to a lower than expected output from Manning.

6. Matt Ryan
7. Tony Romo
8. RG3
9. Colin Kaepernick
10.Nick Foles
11.Russ Wilson
12.Jay Cutler
13.Tom Brady
14.Ben Roethlisberger
15.Andrew Luck
16.Eli Manning
17.Johnny Manziel
18.Philip Rivers
19.Ryan Tannehill
20.Andy Dalton
21.Carson Palmer
22.Joe Flacco
23.Ryan Fitzpatrick
24.EJ Manuel
25.Sam Bradford
26.Josh McCown
27.Alex Smith
28.Jake Locker
29.Mike Vick
30.Matt Cassel
31.Blake Bortles
32.Matt Schaub

Review of Fantasy Quarterbacks News and Notes

Monday, 11 August, 2014

By Tyler Cimini

Here we go another pick to be made and you’re on the clock. It’s the second round and you need a quarterback. Top tear quarterbacks have gone off the board. Don’t panic though, with the exception of Rodgers, most of the quarterbacks people are gunning for early aren’t very mobile and this year mobility for a quarterback is going to be a big factor for fantasy football.

Take the risk
Grab RGIII as your starter. You can defiantly expect him to be sitting in the sixth round. You can’t get caught up in his 2013 fantasy season (ranked 17 among QBs). He’s a healthier and more aware player heading into year three. Also don’t buy into the camp reports of Kirk Cousins outplaying him. This is a media ploy to use Cousins as trade bait.

Just like college
Carson Palmer had a great showing during his first pre-season game vs the Texans. Last year he was a quality guy to put on the bench if your draft didn’t go to deep and you didn’t have to scrape for a quarterback. This year he has not just, Fitzgerald, and Floyd but a rookie receiver named John Brown has now emerged as a potential starter. Look for Carson to have a huge season. Projection 15th round

Expect the Wise Guy
Somebody will pick up Johnny Manziel late in the draft as a backup/hopeful starter, just for the sake of a laugh. In the words of Iron Mike Ditka “Stop it”. He is just another poor to average player with a Tim Tebow type of hype. Projection 13th round

2014 QB’s That Offset Their Pass Yards With Rushing TD’s

Monday, 11 August, 2014


The consistency of having a top five to eight passing quarterback can propel you to a championship. Other owners that decide to wait will likely look for the next best style of quarterback. For years that has always been a quarterback that is a threat to get 6 points with their feet.

That has not changed. There was even a time that Tim Tebow had fantasy football value for a short stint of his success with Denver. Here are the top quarterbacks with a threat to get in the endzone for your fantasy football teams this season.

Cam Newton
Newton can drive you crazy as a fantasy owner with his abysmal weeks yardage wise. But Newton has the best hidden fantasy value of any quarterback because of his legs. Carolina has not had a fantasy friendly running back in years because of Newton. They have the short yardage plunge perfected with Newton. Get ready for more Superman chest flashes this season.

Andrew Luck
Luck isn’t a top twelve fantasy quarterback yet with his arm, but gives a little extra value with his legs. You have to wonder if the Colts have success running the football if Luck’s numbers start to dwindle with his legs. Until then though you can boost Luck up a few spots because of his rushing ability.

Colin Kaepernick
People tend to doubt Kaepernick’s arm but I’m a high believer in Kaepernick for both his legs and arm. In week one last year against Green Bay he dazzled and outplayed Aaron Rodgers with his arm. His accuracy was pinpoint but for some reason the 49ers offense was in disarray all season. It was Kaepernick’s first full season as starter. He was a series away from his second Super Bowl appearance. Look for the 49ers to unleash Kaepernick a bit more with his legs as it looked like he was held back in that fashion last year.

His numbers will likely never get to the level they were as a rookie but history always repeats itself. Time and time again an athlete gets boosted too high coming back from an injury than written off when actually healthy.

Ryan Fitzpatrick
Last year in Tennessee, Fitzpatrick made some nice plays with his legs. He has scrambling ability and isn’t afraid to tuck and go. Who can forget his scramble for a touchdown as a Buffalo Bill against the Miami Dolphins? Fitz likely won’t be on too many fantasy rosters but owners in dire need can have some insurance with Fitzpatrick’s rushing ability.

Others: Russ Wilson, Ryan Tannehil, Johnny Manziel, Mike Vick, EJ Manuel, and Alex Smith

Is the Media Overhyping Andrew Luck?

Friday, 8 August, 2014


Just like ESPN’s show Numbers Never Lie, sometimes you have to ignore opinion and focus on the numbers. Andrew Luck has led some great comebacks and has had some dazzling throws in his young career. But he has also had some disastrous games that seem to be forgotten when the media hypes him up.

Luck seems poised all the time even if he makes a mistake. The problem is when he makes a mistake it usually tailspins into a horrific multi-interception game. Obviously he either can’t block out his mistakes or just lets his turnovers get to him too much.

It’s not like Luck is out there throwing a high amount of touchdown passes to offset this trend either. Luck ranked just 15th in touchdown passes a year ago with 23. Quarterbacks such as Ryan Tannehill, Russ Wilson, and Carson Palmer threw more touchdowns than Luck.

The way the media hypes Luck you’d think he had been to the Super Bowl already. The talent is there but fantasy football draftees need to hold the projections of the media back when drafting.

There are a few variables to consider that may even hurt Luck in 2014. One the Colts all but abandoned their running game last season. With the woes of Trent Richardson and not a suitable backup, the Colts lacked the fire power to help Luck. That may change this season if Richardson recommits himself but that could also hurt Luck’s overall yardage numbers and touchdown results.

The Colts do not run a fast tempo offense that the Broncos, Saints, Cowboys, and other teams with fantasy friendly stats do.

I do not think Luck warrants a top five to eight fantasy consideration at quarterback just yet. He is likely going to remain in the ten to thirteen range until the stalwarts in the top five retire.

If you’re one that waits to draft a quarterback like an old school draftee, do it with caution. Luck’s stats aren’t likely to fluctuate to a higher draw from what we saw in 2013.

Top Backup QB’s Likely to Hit Field in 2014

Sunday, 22 June, 2014


Pencil Vick as a starter now. He’ll be the opening day quarterback for the Jets.

It’s inevitable that the majority of NFL teams will need to utilize their backup quarterbacks at some point. Causes can range from injuries, blowouts, or even poor play. Stretches of backup quarterbacks on the field equate to an opportunity from a fantasy standpoint. Seventy percent of these situations usually are void of a fantasy juggernaut. Then there’s the quarterbacks capable of stepping right in and keeping the offense rolling.

Josh McCown did such a fine job that many wanted him to remain the Bears starter. Matt Flynn did not wow anyone with his on field demeanor but had a few games that he performed decent.

Everyone in the fantasy football world has their insurance 100 percent covered at running back and wide receiver. These dual starter positions usually get five to six players drafted on each fantasy team. Quarterbacks tend to be the forgotten insured position. People will draft their sure-fire starter and not give much consideration to the backup. After all they think they’ll be starting their starter all thirteen fantasy football weeks. Be prepared for any possibilities this season. Here are some current backup quarterbacks that likely will get their chance on the football field. They may even end up being a catalyst to help you win on your fantasy football team.

Johnny Manziel
I just wrote a piece on Manziel being a top twelve fantasy quarterback in the month of November. One thing you can count on from fantasy football owners is impatience. Some owners work the trade and waiver wire market too much. Chances are Manziel won’t be stashed away in the majority of fantasy football leagues. By late October I expect him to start. He’ll work his wonders for the month of November.

Michael Vick
Vick is being his own perfect public relations facilitator right now. Everything he states to the media has been politically correct. He stands behind and believes in Geno Smith. We all know that Vick is in New York to try and write a last chapter to his career. Being a permanent backup was the last thing on his mind. The book we saw on Geno Smith last year just has the makings for more early season disasters. New York may start Smith just to procure Vick’s health. He hasn’t been durable the last four years. Maybe bringing him in as starter in late September or October protects him for the rest of the season. Bottom line is that Vick will be on the field, maybe as early as week one.

Brandon Weeden
No one truly knows Kyle Orton’s plans. By bringing in Weeden, Dallas is showing their support to lean on Weeden as the backup. Cowboys fans know all too well Tony Romo’s injury history. Dallas’s organization has been quiet in regards to Romo’s health. Unless Dallas reshapes their offensive playbook, it’ll be a matter of time before Weeden steps onto the field. Their pass happy offense leaves quarterbacks vulnerable to big hits.

Thad Lewis
EJ Manuel missed time on the field on two different occasions last season. For the most part Manuel was a pocket passer. If he doesn’t learn to make quicker decisions with the football, he’ll have more setbacks in 2014. Buffalo kept themselves prepared with Lewis. Lewis shined in a couple of spot starts last year. Buffalo has a solid group of young receivers that was bolstered with the signing of Mike Williams and drafting of Sammy Watkins.

Shaun Hill
Hill seems like he has been in the NFL forever. Throughout his career he has been perceived as a solid backup. While in Detroit he filled in well when Matt Stafford went down. In St. Louis, fans and the media believe this is their year to make a move in the NFC. Sam Bradford is likely on his last leg if he can’t fulfill the first pick he was garnered. If the team struggles, Hill will become the starter, with assets galore offensively around him.

Charlie Whitehurst
Tennessee is making it clear to Locker he needs to become a more consistent quarterback. Some of the blame could go on the shoulders of an unsustainable running game with Chris Johnson. He is gone and the Titans did a fine job filling that position by signing Dexter McCluster and drafting Bishop Sankey. Locker is a veteran now and needs to start playing like one. Tennessee did the right thing by signing Whitehurst and drafting Zach Mettenburger.

Matt Moore
Miami burned an above average season with putrid losses. Most of their close losses were caused by single or multiple game killing plays by Ryan Tannehill. When they were winning though, he played a big part in their success. That’s expected for a second year quarterback. In his third season Tannehill must nix those mistakes. He has to show better control for an entire football game. If the play isn’t there, he must throw the football away. Miami’s team is very similar to last year. It’s one of the few teams in football that kept their roster at quarterback the same. Moore has been a fill in starter before in Carolina and in Miami during Chad Henne’s final season.

Kirk Cousins
RG3 supporters are all expecting him to answer to last years debacle with a bang in 2014. In college he responded by winning the Heisman two years after blowing out his knee. It’s going to take a complete 360 from RG3 to get back to his level of 2012. It may be in him, but there is no discounting his second major knee injury. Until he shows that same burst and speed, I won’t be a full believer. Washington sat him the last two games of last year as precaution, but who knows if he further damaged his knee the first fourteen games of the season. As has been the case the past two years, Kirk Cousins will be ready if need be.