Cuse’ Made the Right Move

Saturday, 3 June, 2017

Much has been said over the past three months on the decision to void Boeheim’s retirement agreement at Syracuse.

After a lengthy NCAA investigation Syracuse was deemed to have violated several NCAA rules.

Penalizing the school was handed down harshly via the NCAA. Syracuse was banned from NCAA tournament participation in 2015, and deducted scholarships for the next several seasons.

All in all many believe this was an over the top handling of levying penalties by the NCAA.

Deductions of scholarships one could expect but for as long as the allotted time just seemed outrageous.

Furthermore, Coach Boeheim was suspended nine conference games. Fortunately the Orangemen used that poor stretch to rally the rest of the season and to the NCAA Final.

The coach in waiting forever has always been Coach Hopkins. Hopkins passed up opportunities in the past including at Charlotte to remain the Coach in waiting.

While many expected the change over to happen seamlessly, I never fully believe that Boeheim wanted to go.

To see the domino happen of Hopkins taking a prime Pac-12 job cause a reactionary move many Syracuse fans wanted.

Boeheim in charge for as long as he deems proper not the higher ups.

It can never be denied how he has done for the city of Syracuse.

Losses or a return to the Final Four will not change my perception.

Go Cuse.

The Glory of Steve Kerr

Friday, 2 June, 2017

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As the NBA Finals are set to start the comparisons of old age vs new age continue to run a gamut.

While the Lebron, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and bad boy of Draymond Green images get tossed around, I’ll focus on the Warriors Coach in Steve Kerr.

A track record of Kerr’s last 25 plus years in hoops is seemingly impossible to script.

The University of Arizona guard flourished under legendary Coach Lute Olson. While defeating the odds of success in college was great, no one anticipated Kerr stepping forth in the NBA the way he did.

Quietly he embraced the pedigree of a champion under Michael Jordan and with the Spurs behind Tim Duncan.

The coaching tutelage from Olson, Phil Jackson, and Gregg Poppovich set forth an unprecedented transition from the booth to the sidelines.

As he did in his NBA career the move garnered little attention. Under former Coach Mark Jackson the Warriors showed credentials to be a contender in the West but expectations weren’t much beyond the playoffs.

Odds quickly shifted as the Warriors embarked on a standout season as Kerr got the most out of all of the Warriors.

Just like Phil Jackson and Gregg Poppovich, Kerr was not afraid to make the necessary moves needed to push the Warriors forward.

Sitting former All-Star David Lee could have been a distraction but Kerr pressed forward.

Now as the Finals get set to start Kerr’s status is still unknown.

Or is it?

With or without Kerr the impact he has already had on the entire team is there.

Behind the scenes Kerr is still attending practices and surely providing necessary feedback to his team.

While the attention is centered around the plethora of talent on the court, lets not forget the glory of Steve Kerr.

Lebron Needs To Answer to No One

Monday, 29 May, 2017

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June is the time of year where criticism arises like no other. It’s been a tradition since I can recall the days of Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Reggie Miller, and countless others faltering in the NBA Finals.

Great careers that fell short of the old regurgitated necessity of a players career being defined by a championship.

As the dollars of the NBA have rose so has a circular free agency market. Staying put and building a team as a contender is no longer done like the old days. Instead players can recruit and build to their liking.

That’s the new age era and Lebron James has been the true king of it.

If not for his tough decision to leave Cleveland in the first place the media’s discussion would have a different beat.

Before the beat consisted of Lebron deferring too much in the final seconds. A nature that has proved to be completely misguided.

Also railed to no end was the notion of how improper Lebron’s decision was. Is the same stated when player’s are cut abruptly or traded hours before the deadline? No. He made a tough decision and in the end it ascended his career at a period that looked dead in the water.

Six years later and he is now in his seventh straight NBA Finals. Having grown up in the 90’s as a youth my observation of basketball history lies with the 90’s, 2000’s, and current.

I have to say that LeBron’s quiet defiance and persona of doing it his way is what stands out from him and Michael Jordan. Championships are a dead discussion and comparisons of era to era are unwarranted. Adaptations from the 90’s to now are freakish in terms of conditioning, athleticism, diets, and team personnel.

So lets tone down beating a dead horse. Enjoy the fact that two great teams are playing for a third straight June. Curry or Lebron and Kevin Durant’s chase. No—it’s a stellar setup for what basketball is all about.

NCAA Tournament: Middling At Halftime

Monday, 20 March, 2017

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Sports gambling continues to gain steam at the same rate fantasy sports did in the early 2000s.

Still, there is very little discussed in terms of actual sports gaming wagering.

Ed Salmons oddsmaker at Westgate resort reported that their handle increased by 20% year over year from the first four days of the NCAA tournament last year (Guest appearance March 20th on Mitch and Pritch ESPN 1100). That’s remarkable as Salmons specified the repeat customers are through the roof.

Accuracy of point spreads from Salmons and other books was as sharp as can be during the first four days. More than a handful of games at halftime were within a point or two of the full game spread.

That’s great if you had the first half wager as well but the majority of bettors take full game action.

That leaves bettors left with a conundrum of middling at halftime to lower the blow of a potential ATS loss.

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This option to me makes more sense than waiting for a live bet during game action in the second half.

Typically the market value of halftime lines is gravitated fairly in terms of the original line. One also has a full fifteen to twenty minutes to decide their hedge dollar amount and percentage to take off their full game wager.

In-game is far more reactionary with lines inflated based on the last spurt of whichever team. You’ll also have less than ninety seconds to place this wager. You don’t want to know how many dead sprints I’ve seen people do and regret it by the next live bet option TV timeout.

In the end I fully believe you should middle when an opportunity presents itself at halftime. This is a best practice used in the NFL season when the sharpest of lines are out on a weekly basis.

With tournament games on from the early morning to late at night you want to protect your dollars invested as best as possible.

NBA Podcast: Team Futures and Olympic Preview

Friday, 5 August, 2016

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Zack Cimini and Eric Wong partner up for another all hoops podcast. In the first portion of the podcast they discuss NBA team future over/unders. In the last segment they discuss Olympic team odds. Have a listen as Eric brings great Olympic insight before the games begin.

Podcast: NBA Free Agency and Las Vegas Summer League Discussion

Wednesday, 13 July, 2016

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Zack Cimini and Eric Wong of debut their first podcast. They discuss all the wild NBA free agency moves and what they’ve seen so far in the Las Vegas Summer League. Hear the best of both worlds as both have dominated the handicapping and NBA fantasy basketball industries.