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NFL Week Two ATS Preview Patriots vs Bills

Thursday, 17 September, 2015


Each week Zack Cimini, Hollis Barnhart, and John Cranton discuss games ATS. Here they discuss the Patriots and Bills matchup

AFC West Handicapping Preview Video

Thursday, 6 August, 2015

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The last division to be covered by Zack Cimini and Hollis Barnhart is the AFC West. We discuss each team and if they will get over/under their current set number for win totals in 2015. See what Zack and Hollis have to say on the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers, and Oakland Raiders reaching their over/under win total in the AFC West.

AFC West Handicapping Preview from Zack Cimini on Vimeo.

NFC North Handicapping Preview

Wednesday, 29 July, 2015

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Hollis Barnhart and Zack Cimini continue their handicapping previews in the NFC. Wednesday, they covered the NFC North and West. See what they have to say about the NFC North involving the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, and the Minnesota Vikings.

NFC North Handicapping Preview from Zack Cimini on Vimeo.

Hollis Barnhart and Zack Cimini discuss the NFC North from a sports handicapping perspective.


Monday, 1 June, 2015


Last year there were numerous players capable of winning Finals MVP between the Spurs and Heat. The list ranged deep before you would see Kawhi Leonard’s name at 20-1. He defended, scored, and rebounded to become the catalyst to be the difference and MVP a season ago.

This year both the Cavaliers and Warriors have the same deep pedigree of talented players. With the Warriors favored to win the series, Stephen Curry(reg season MVP) is also the odds on favorite to win Finals MVP at -175.

While the top of the heap features the expected big names, I’m always one to venture down the list for value purposes. This past NCAA championship I recommended Tyus Jones at 25-1 for Duke. During last year’s NBA Finals I recommended a hedge on the MVP(recommended Spurs to win title at 5-1 earlier in the playoffs) by grabbing Dwayne Wade at 10-1 for Finals MVP. I figured if the Heat had any chance of beating the Spurs Wade would have to turn to his old ways for a series—flashes he did show throughout the end of the regular season and some of the NBA playoffs.

This year we’ve heard people rationalize time and time again that Draymond Green is the key to the Warriors even with how well Stephen Curry has played. Curry fills the stat sheet while Green just does his job. That has somewhat changed as the season has stretched on. Green is becoming more and more involved in the offense.

With Klay Thompson’s status unknown, the shifting priorities of the Warriors and Cavs could play into the hands of Green. The Cavaliers are already a strong defensive team that would be able to shift more focus on the perimeter and on Stephen Curry. This would lead to more opportunities for another Warrior player to step up offensively, and you’d have to think Green would be one of the main options in that department.

Defensively, what he can do guarding various players already has his value as a sleeper MVP warranted.

Currently you can grab Green at 15-1 odds. We’re three days away from the Finals beginning and have yet to hear Thompson’s status. Grab the odds now before they shift on word of Thompson possibly missing game one or more.


Monday, 11 May, 2015


There may not be a more recent example of a continuous shift in future odds than what we are currently seeing in the NBA. Jalen Rose of ESPN made a great point. This year there will not be the Celtics, Lakers, Heat, Mavericks, Pistons or Spurs being crowned NBA champion. Title-bound potential teams have not experienced a championship.

We’re seeing great finishes left and right with buzzer beaters and true competitive playoff basketball.

With uncertainty lurking oddsmakers have been quick to supplant yesterday’s value with drastic changes in the future market. Days ago the Bulls had crept as high as the +400 range to win the NBA title. Now they’re back down in the 8-1 range and 3-1 range to win the Eastern Conference.

The large rise in title odds for the Bulls is because of the unexpected play of the Clippers. Sure they had won a tough series in seven games to the Spurs, but with Chris Paul injured, the Clippers were underdogs to the Rockets. Now up three games to one, they’ve changed the view of just about everyone. So much that they’re currently second behind the Warriors at +348 to win the NBA title.

All of this sudden market change can skew the true value of a team. Lets not forget there were two teams that finished with 60 wins in the NBA. The Atlanta Hawks and the Golden State Warriors. Rare accomplishments. Golden State is in a must-win situation tonight on the road similar to the Bulls. They are also in plus payout territory to win the NBA title for the first time in the playoffs.

Injuries can not be overlooked in a series either. Scheduling allots for typically two days to rest before the next game occurs. If Cleveland should advance past the Bulls the toll of the series could be more damaging than any typical round two series in recent memory. LeBron is coming off a 10 for 30 performance and has had to resort to his one-man show tendencies of five years ago. His team is banged up and he needs more assistance if they’re even going to get past Chicago.

With the Clippers there hasn’t been any assurance with Chris Paul’s hamstring just yet. He is skating by without having to truly sacrifice on the court for this team, thanks to his teams blowout performances. A team like Golden State will force Paul to run for the entirety of a game while the Grizzlies would be beneficial to Paul.

It’s a day to day future buyers market. Keep a close eye on it daily and see if you can step in and make a sound choice for a value buy.