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Hedges Proving Low-Risk Worth

Thursday, 1 June, 2017

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Drafting a catcher in fantasy baseball is a painful roster spot to deal with. They typically bat at the bottom of the order and aren’t well-rounded statistically.

Therefore, many took the chance at drafting projected elite catchers such as Buster Posey and JT Realmuto. Posey has resurfaced to have top value while Realmuto and others haven’t been the projected stalwarts.

Ones that seem dependable one week can fade out of the picture completely for weeks on end. Twins catcher Jason Castro hasn’t lived up to his under the radar hype at all. He’s hit just four home runs with a batting average floating around .220.

Indians catcher Yan Gomes has turned around a horrid first five weeks to regain respectable numbers.

Perhaps one of the more consistent catchers has been down in Kansas City. Salvador Perez has built off last year’s solid production to the tune of eleven home runs and thirty RBI’s.

Even the hot hitting Astros are churning together a dynamic duo of production with Evan Gattis and old man Brian McCann. Benefitting from a change McCann has hit for six home runs and twenty-five RBI’s. Not to be outdone Evan Gattis in a DH role has hit for 24 RBI’s and four home runs.

Yet the cream of the crop in terms of value off of drafted position is Austin Hedges. While he may not be the glutton one would want with his batting average (.209), he has fulfilled more than adequately in terms of home runs (9) and RBIs (25).

It’s safe to say many would be perfectly fine with Hedges production as their top catcher from his average drafted position.

We are only two months in but it’s safe to say the merry go round circus of drafting quality catchers will continue for fantasy owners next season.

NFC South Handicapping Preview

Tuesday, 28 July, 2015

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Zack Cimini and Hollis Barnhart continue their coverage of each NFL division in terms of win totals for the 2015 season. How will the Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers fare in the NFC South division this upcoming season.

NFC South Handicapping Preview from Zack Cimini on Vimeo.

Hollis Barnhart and Zack Cimini discuss the NFC South from a sports handicapping perspective.


Monday, 11 May, 2015


There may not be a more recent example of a continuous shift in future odds than what we are currently seeing in the NBA. Jalen Rose of ESPN made a great point. This year there will not be the Celtics, Lakers, Heat, Mavericks, Pistons or Spurs being crowned NBA champion. Title-bound potential teams have not experienced a championship.

We’re seeing great finishes left and right with buzzer beaters and true competitive playoff basketball.

With uncertainty lurking oddsmakers have been quick to supplant yesterday’s value with drastic changes in the future market. Days ago the Bulls had crept as high as the +400 range to win the NBA title. Now they’re back down in the 8-1 range and 3-1 range to win the Eastern Conference.

The large rise in title odds for the Bulls is because of the unexpected play of the Clippers. Sure they had won a tough series in seven games to the Spurs, but with Chris Paul injured, the Clippers were underdogs to the Rockets. Now up three games to one, they’ve changed the view of just about everyone. So much that they’re currently second behind the Warriors at +348 to win the NBA title.

All of this sudden market change can skew the true value of a team. Lets not forget there were two teams that finished with 60 wins in the NBA. The Atlanta Hawks and the Golden State Warriors. Rare accomplishments. Golden State is in a must-win situation tonight on the road similar to the Bulls. They are also in plus payout territory to win the NBA title for the first time in the playoffs.

Injuries can not be overlooked in a series either. Scheduling allots for typically two days to rest before the next game occurs. If Cleveland should advance past the Bulls the toll of the series could be more damaging than any typical round two series in recent memory. LeBron is coming off a 10 for 30 performance and has had to resort to his one-man show tendencies of five years ago. His team is banged up and he needs more assistance if they’re even going to get past Chicago.

With the Clippers there hasn’t been any assurance with Chris Paul’s hamstring just yet. He is skating by without having to truly sacrifice on the court for this team, thanks to his teams blowout performances. A team like Golden State will force Paul to run for the entirety of a game while the Grizzlies would be beneficial to Paul.

It’s a day to day future buyers market. Keep a close eye on it daily and see if you can step in and make a sound choice for a value buy.