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Week Seven Fantasy Starts and Sits

Saturday, 20 October, 2018

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Zack reviews his official starts and sits ahead of tomorrow’s week seven NFL games.


Andrew Luck
For as bad as Andrew Luck has been turnover wise one has to admit they’re adapting offensively. Luck should be able to limit his turnovers this week against Buffalo as the Bills are not an opportunistic defense.

Baker Mayfield
Mayfield has endured his growing pains the last four weeks with turnovers. Without key wide receivers that’s an indicator to lean on for a new phase of development this week. Expect Mayfield to have one of his best games of the season.

Kenny Golladay
Golladay has quickly ascended himself as a top fifteen receiver. Matthew Stafford loves to air it out to him and that is a prime weakness of the Dolphins secondary. They’ve given up big plays in recent weeks to the Bengals, Patriots, and last week against the Bears.

Chris Hogan
With Rob Gronkowski likely out the Patriots will expand their need to utilize proper routes with their receivers. Josh Gordon and Julian Edelman are the cogs, but Hogan remains a viable threat especially this week. Look for Hogan to have a solid fantasy day overall.

Bilal Powell

Injuries to the Jets starting wide receivers has created an even higher need for the Jets to run the ball. They’ll face a Vikings team that has been susceptible defensively. While Crowell has been the current fantasy leader for the Jets, Powell is steady and consistent. This is the type of matchup to gravitate towards Powell.

Alfred Blue
Blue should be a flex option a handful of times this year. Lets face it the Jacksonville Jaguars defense is not what it has been. Teams have been able to run the ball. With Houston’s safe approach offensively look for Blue to have a solid output.


Jared Goff

The Rams octane offense has had some cracks that you would expect from a team that’s been on the road three consecutive weeks. Even though that this week’s matchup is in their home state of California I expect a downfall of play offensively. San Francisco has been poor defensively but this is also a divisional game where scouting will give them an edge.

Tarik Cohen
The entire fantasy football community is four weeks behind on Tarik Cohen. With his fantasy stock as hot as ever it’s time to look at other flex options of intrigue to avoid the classic start just because everyone else says to.

Al Kamara
Nearly everyone in the fantasy world was blown away that Al Kamara was not featured at a high rate against the Redskins. Guess what with Mark Ingram back in the fold it’s likely to remain the same. Last year Kamara made the most of limited weekly touches. With fifteen total touches a game it’s not feasible to expect the high rate Kamara did last year. The Ravens defense is fast and should negate his open field runs.

Adrian Peterson
Give credit to Adrian Peterson for how he has made this year more advantageous than last season. Washington’s utilized him better and he has shown a hunger that he does not want this to be his last stop. Yet Dallas’s defense is as good as they look on paper. This is going to be a very tough game for Peterson to be effective at all.

Odell Beckham
As bad as the Falcons defense has been Beckham should be on the radar to flourish this week. After all the Falcons secondary is near the bottom of football. Yet you can’t change the efficiency of Eli Manning over night. He has lost it and is now much like an older ace pitcher in MLB. The occasional quality game is the unpredictable. This predicted start is not one of them.

NFL Week Six Start and Sit Ems

Friday, 12 October, 2018

NFL Week Six Start and Sit Ems

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It’s Friday right before a big weekend of football. Injury reports are updated and news as usual will affect fantasy football lineups drastically. Lets dive into some key under the radar start and sit ems for NFL week six.

Start Em

Ryan Tannehill
One can’t conclude a game as worse as the Fish and Tannehill did against the Bengals. Seemingly ready to cruise to 4-1 turned into an ugly turnover feast in the final fifteen minutes. Still Tannehill and the Dolphins offense has another gear that was protected in road environments against the Patriots and Bengals. Expect the fish to turn things over as Tannehill comes out of hibernation of having 2017 off due to injury.

Tevin Coleman
It’s safe to say that Coleman fantasy owners aren’t happy with his on field results. Opportunity has been there for Coleman to be one of the top ten fantasy backs this season yet the Falcons poor play calls have killed him. With Freeman out this is another key opportunity for Coleman owners. This time he’ll pay dividends with double-digit fantasy points against a poor Buccaneers defense.

Tyler Boyd
Boyd has continued to be an exceptional week-to-week fantasy flex and bottom tier wide receiver starter. We all know the opportunities the Steelers defense presents to a tandem team wide receiver pool. Expect Boyd to continue his surprise season.

Doug Martin
Out in London expect both the Seahawks and Raiders to play things safe. With both teams records below .500 vanilla offenses and safe defensive coverage will be exhibited. Martin’s been the quiet platoon back that has not received a fair amount of carries. Look for his legs to help move the chains for the Raiders and for Oakland to get him his season high of carries.

Quincy Enunwa
Many Enunwa owners were disappointed with his zero performance against the Denver Broncos last week. It was an unusual offensive game plan from the Jets where the safe intermediate route just was not there. That’ll change this week against a Colts team that is prone to giving up chunks of yardage in Enunwa’s hot spots.

Others: Phil Lindsey, Al Collins, Michael Crabtree, Allen Hurns, CJ Beathard, Sonny Michel, Tom Brady, and Julian Edelman

Sit Ems

Jameis Winston
More than likely fantasy owners aren’t keying in on starting Jameis Winston. Yet in deeper leagues there are owners that are likely going to take a long shot on Winston based on the matchup. Don’t do it. Atlanta has been one of those teams that has lulled themselves to sleep defensively and offensively. With time running out on their season look for a big effort at home defensively.

JuJu Smith Schuster
There comes a time when on field talent hits a wall statistically. Schuster reaped the big rewards in 2017 and carried it over to an amazing start to 2018. Yet I’d expect a quiet simmered October as defenses have started to realize it’s a bit safer to play Antonio Brown with non blanket coverage. In an inner division game Schuster will not produce the same gaudy stats owners are accustomed too.

Jordan Howard
Coming out of the bye week for the Bears it’ll be interesting to see who gets the more prominent role out of the backfield. Tarik Cohen has started to regain some of his lost touches exhibited to start the season. His presence out of the backfield with safe catches from Mitch Trubisky will hurt Howard on the road.

Ezekiel Elliott
Elliott’s production has been round one quality but something has to give with the offense. Dallas’s production hasn’t translated to the end zone with Zeke Elliott and likely won’t against an aggressive Jacksonville defense. Expect one of Zeke’s lowest output games in his career even at home Sunday.

Others: Christian McCaffrey, DeShaun Watson, Blake Bortles, Aaron Rodgers, Alfred Morris

Week Five Automatics-Don’t Do Its

Friday, 5 October, 2018

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After a month of fantasy football we now enter the second stage of your season. Maybe you’re close to .500 or even higher. A lot of work is to be done to secure a playoff berth. If you’re not trying to better your team trust me someone two games below you is.

Keep out in front with some automatics-don’t do its for week five.


CJ Beathard

Beathard showed some fantasy relevance in week four against the Chargers. With Coach Shanahan at the helm there is no reason to stop against the Cardinals. While the Bears and Seahawks kept things simple against Arizona look for the 49ers to keep their philosophy in order.

Russ Wilson

The Seahawks mismanagement of Russ Wilson to start the season was more of a protection issue. Protection of their young defense and an offense struggling to make its identity. Sometimes an ugly win can create that. Consecutive weeks of grind out wins have placed the Seahwks at 2-2. Against the Rams the Seahawks have no choice but to open up the playbook. Insert Russ Wilson here.

Others: Mark Ingram, DeShaun Watson, Kenyan Drake, Aaron Rodgers

Don’t Do ItsDavid Johnson
Johnson’s subpar season thus far is likely to continue even in a short trek road game against the 49ers. Rookie quarterback Josh Rosen was unable to make enough plays with his arm against the Seahawks to bestow confidence in Johnson owners. Expect another down week here.

Al Collins
Collins fantasy value is likely on the downward spiral. Look for the Browns to find a way to limit the Ravens rush attack starting with Collins. Losing a fumble such as Collins did on the goal line is usually a confidence derailer.

Others: Tyler Lockett, Larry Fitzgerald, Carlos Hyde, and Cam Newton

Is Jay Ajayi Worth A Top Fantasy Pick?

Thursday, 1 June, 2017

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The Miami Dolphins finally broke through last season finishing at 10-6. Qualifying for the playoffs was a feat not accomplished since 2008 and just the second time since 2001.

To call it a season of building forward would be an understatement to Dolphins fans that have dealt with repeated .500 seasons.

Adjusting to the new age of the NFL happened with the hiring of Adam Gase. Quickly Gase transformed his style of play and built a culture that flourished in Miami. Blending a quick trigger offense calmed the unsteady arm of Ryan Tannehill.

He toned down his turnovers and showed the ability to make the big play when needed.

Bouncing back from a late season injury will be a task that Tannehill hasn’t dealt with in his young career. As is the case in most player injuries can Tannehill refrain from developing a repetitive issue of injuries?

One main reason for the Dolphins ascent was the presence of running back Jay Ajayi.

At first it appeared Ajayi would be the backup as he had been with former running back Lamar Miller. Named as the starter was former Pro Bowler and veteran running back Arian Foster.

Displaying a poor level of professionalism, Ajayi did not accompany Miami in their week one loss to Seattle.

Foster’s quick decline in play and in-season abrupt retirement led to the Dolphins giving Ajayi another shot.

He made the most of it and tallied the best three-week span of production in the NFL. From weeks six to week nine (week eight Dolphins bye-week) Ajayi ran for an average of 176 yards.

It cemented Ajayi as the waiver wire steal of the season. It was also no coincidence that his first 200 yard rushing effort in week six sprung together nine of ten wins for the Dolphins.

Should fantasy owners be leery of drafting Ajayi in the first round of fantasy drafts? Certainly. At the back of fantasy owners minds has to be the attitude he displayed when demoted as starter to Arian Foster.

One of the reasons he slide on draft boards to the fifth round was because of fumbling issues at Boise State. An issue that was masked last season as of his four fumbles only one was lost.

At just 23 years old it’s hard to ignore the upside Ajayi has. When on he is the home run threat you want on your fantasy team. In between those home run games though can be bottom end fantasy outings.

I’ll further assess his draft board thoughts as we get closer to the meat of fantasy football draft season.

Dbacks Bullpen Set to Cave

Tuesday, 30 May, 2017

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Early season anomalies are common in sports. Perhaps no more so than in MLB. A high dependance on extended pitching is called upon for a seven-month season.

Out in the NL West the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks have surged out in front.

Could we see the success happening offensively for both teams? Yes, the Rockies have been a power offensive team for years and the Diamondbacks have one of the best hitters in the game in Paul Goldschmidt.

Vegas and offshore books showed that they didn’t expect the Diamondbacks to improve. Off of last year’s horrid season the Dbacks win total was given between 74 and 77.5 wins.

Several moves with current roster arms and signings set the stage for a quality beginning by the Diamondbacks pitchers. Veteran arms in Jorge De La Rosa and closer Fernando Rodney were brought in. While both had rocky 2016’s they’ve held a strong role thus far in 2017.

The biggest move though for the Diamondbacks was moving Archie Bradley from the starting rotation to the bullpen. Tonight, marked his first true struggling performance as he sustained his first loss of the season against the Pirates.

How will he bounce back from allowing a walk-off home run? Psyche of a pitcher can flip overnight based on one outing. Based on Bradley’s history of stringing together poor starts last season, one has to be worried as a Diamondbacks fan.

I for one was in disagreement that the Diamondbacks did not use him the closer role originally or bring him back into the starting rotation when Shelby Miller went down.

It’s almost a no-brainer for an organization to bring up their best reliever with starting pitching experience over calling up a pitcher. Yet, that was not the case with Bradley.

Fantasy owners still believe in Archie somewhat as he is owned in over 67% of NFBC leagues. In all likelihood that number has been based more on a stash with hope for a bigger role.

My overall recommendation would be to cut Bradley and expect struggles to lurk much more than what has transpired.


Monday, 29 September, 2014


Week four featured six teams on bye week to trouble fantasy owners around the country. Week five there are just two teams on bye. Plan ahead the next bulk of bye weeks this waiver wire period, and grab yourself one of the following options.


Joe Flacco
At home Baltimore is showing once again they are a force. With the running game on the uptrend, Joe Flacco has once again regained the form we witnessed in his elite playoff run two seasons ago. The resurgence has been done with veteran Steve Smith, who has caught fire with Flacco. Joe nearly had one of his oh-no interceptions against Carolina, but linebacker Luke Kuechly dropped the ball. Flacco is one of those spot starters that shouldn’t be on the waiver wire.

Mike Vick
I was one that believed whole heartedly that the Jets had planned to use Geno to neutralize Michael Vick’s health. A Mike Vick that plays 3/4ths of a season instead of a full might last the entirety. The rumblings with the fans have started and now the coaching staff awaits to pull the trigger. It may be two weeks away, but if you’re searching for a quarterback go nab Vick this week.

Mike Glennon
After a woeful first half, Glennon seemed shook that off for a phenomenal second half capped off by a game-winning touchdown throw. Sorry McCown but there is no getting your job back after that finish. Glennon has an arm to hit tall receivers Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson. Tampa Bay just needs to tone down their offensive penalties to keep offensive momentum going.

Running Backs

Justin Forsett
One week with a big game from Lorenzo Taliaferro and Justin Forsett was tossed aside in fantasy owners minds. Forsett might not be a high carry back but he has a definite roll for the Ravens. Sunday he made several key plays including a great run after the catch on a third and long to extend a drive. I wouldn’t pick him up expecting touchdowns from Forsett, but he can get you sneaky yardage and PPR points.

Branden Oliver
The Chargers must find something out of their running game soon. Philip Rivers is just carrying too much on his shoulders right now to continue at this rate. Plus, the defense hasn’t exactly looked sharp either. But neither Oliver or Donald Brown have been able to fill in adequately for Ryan Matthews or Danny Woodhead. Oliver will continue to get chances. With what we have seen from Brown over the last four seasons, I’d take my shot on Oliver.

Jerick McKinnon
Wow, Minnesota saw something to expose the Falcons and executed it to perfection. They ran the football down the Falcons throats and used a running back no one has heard of. I didn’t hear Paul Charchian or Matthew Berry giving a name drop on McKinnon. Now the Black Friday waiver wire rush will occur as owners scurry to scoop McKinnon. McKinnon didn’t find the end zone but has likely found himself a bigger role with Matt Asiata.

Wide Receivers

Mike Evans
Evans hamstring injury has not been diagnosed yet. Lets hope its just a minor issue. If it is a minor issue, Evans should be picked up in a heartbeat. Glennon had solid chemistry with Evans and got the offense going once they connected in the third quarter. This duo could make for a big young dual threat for years to come.

Mike Williams
Yes, that Mike Williams that has been a fantasy threat for several years when he was a Buccaneer. Off the field issues caused the Bucs to part ways and trade Williams back to his old college football coach in Buffalo. After being buried on the Bills depth chart, Williams has appeared to work his way back on the field. Will Williams be a one week wonder or will he continue to build off this week.

James Jones
James Jones has been captain of crunch time garbage fantasy points. Seeing as the Raiders are likely going to continue to suffer with blowout losses, Jones should be an adequate third or fourth wide receiver for fantasy teams. He is only owned in 47% of Yahoo leagues currently.

Eddie Royal
Royal continues to be that yearly fantasy football one week wonder teaser. Lets let him tease owners again.

Jarius Wright
Will have to see how impactful Teddy Bridgewater’s ankle injury is. If it is going to keep him out than Wright dwindles down as a non fantasy pickup. Keep an eye on Bridgewater’s status.