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Wednesday, 17 September, 2014


With the snap of a finger fantasy football roster’s have trickled from outstanding health to labels of questionable and out next to their names. How quick things can change. New issues with roster’s leaves the need to rely upon your tier two athletes even more. Here are some tier two athletes to depend upon to boost your team’s overall fantasy output this weekend.

Michael Crabtree
Throughout Crabtree’s tenure with the 49ers he has been a productive receiver when healthy. He still isn’t 100 percent yet but he is the guy Colin Kaepernick is most comfortable with on the field. With how poor Kaepernick played last week, you’d expect the 49ers to design plenty of play calls to get Kaepernick feeling comfortable early and often. Crabtree should be the recipient of a big receiving day.

James Jones
Jones might end up being the fantasy guy that opposing fantasy teams disgust. Not many wins are expected for the Raiders as they try and grow with rookie quarterback Derek Carr. With that comes a lot of losing and opportunities to get chunks of yardage late in games. Week one, Jones hauled in a touchdown in the final two minutes against the Jets. Week two he scored a touchdown with nine seconds left in the game. There should be more garbage fantasy points available for Jones this week against the Patriots.

Mike Evans
Unlike fellow rookies Kelvin Benjamin and Sammy Watkins, Evans has yet to have his welcome to the league game. Offensively the Buccaneers passing game has sputtered the first two weeks as Josh McCown gets acclimated to a full-time starting role. This week a quick turn around against the Atlanta Falcons should get Evans rolling. Any uptick in the offense from the first two weeks should see a payoff for Evans and Vincent Jackson owners.

Terrance West
West continues to be devalued amongst fantasy football fanatics. Part of that has to do with the Cleveland Browns offense suffering so poorly in the preseason. In the first two games of the regular season though Brian Hoyer has shaken the cobwebs of the preseason and led the team to 27 points and 26 last week. Look for the Browns to continue to perform well against the Ravens this week.

Chris Ivory
Ivory could be a good flex option for you as a Monday Night football reward player. Ivory gets limited carries but is making the most of his attempts. On Monday against the Bears, you’d expect the Jets to try and pace the running game a bit more. Last week against the Packers they got off to a hot start but were unable to put the Packers away.

Josh McCown
The talent McCown displayed last year is there. He has been primarily a backup his entire career and is in an odd situation in Tampa Bay. Facing the Atlanta Falcons suspect defense should finally open the door for McCown to shine. Last year current backup, Glennon, had two field days against the Falcons. Look for Bobby Rainey to establish the run and get McCown rolling in the passing game.