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Arguing Rob Parker’s LeBron Comments

Sunday, 4 June, 2017

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Debating on debate shows has been as recycled from a content standpoint as old age movies receiving a remake.

We know what to expect unlike the early days of Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless.

Criticism is just the nature of the programming to stir the other host into discussion.

On FS1’s Skip Bayless show, guest Rob Parker lamented on the fact of how Michael Jordan transformed the game into a heightened level. That point is common knowledge, but his stirring the pot comments came towards Lebron.

Parker argues that Lebron has made the game virtually a players right league. If one doesn’t like their current situation they can partner with a power team and develop their successes overnight.

Obviously that can’t be true in the sense that we’ve seen power teams long before Lebron joined the Heat. We’ve seen Shaq leave Orlando to develop a dynasty with Kobe in Los Angeles. There was also the Rockets whom had Hakeem, Clyde, and Barkley.

Heck, even the Magic tried their own super team with Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady.

The fact that a star joins others is going to happen. It’s the same foundation that has been going on at the high school and college levels for several decades. Players want to win and if they’re a top notch athlete they’re going to assure themselves of the right situation.

Who wouldn’t?

Are we in a current state of dominance? Yes. The same was the case of the 1990’s Dallas Cowboys and currently with the New England Patriots.

But the window of opportunity for winning doesn’t last forever. Shaq’s body broke down quickly to the level that he in 2006 he was playing behind a younger Dwayne Wade.

Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and several of the Warriors are approaching the age of 30. Lebron is already at the age of 32 and could not have won last year’s title without the young dominant Kyrie Irving.

Talent is always rising with age and injuries lurking.

Did the NBA have an anticipatory NBA Finals in 2017? Yes. But just two years ago not even Lebron thought his Cavaliers team would be ready, and no one expected the Warriors either.

Challengers will always lurk. As great as Gregg Poppovich has been as a Coach, his Spurs have not reigned as a dynasty. During LeBron’s Miami chases they did not go to the Finals without resistance in the East.

Just give it a bit of time and a new window of teams will present themselves in the NBA.

Is Jay Ajayi Worth A Top Fantasy Pick?

Thursday, 1 June, 2017

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The Miami Dolphins finally broke through last season finishing at 10-6. Qualifying for the playoffs was a feat not accomplished since 2008 and just the second time since 2001.

To call it a season of building forward would be an understatement to Dolphins fans that have dealt with repeated .500 seasons.

Adjusting to the new age of the NFL happened with the hiring of Adam Gase. Quickly Gase transformed his style of play and built a culture that flourished in Miami. Blending a quick trigger offense calmed the unsteady arm of Ryan Tannehill.

He toned down his turnovers and showed the ability to make the big play when needed.

Bouncing back from a late season injury will be a task that Tannehill hasn’t dealt with in his young career. As is the case in most player injuries can Tannehill refrain from developing a repetitive issue of injuries?

One main reason for the Dolphins ascent was the presence of running back Jay Ajayi.

At first it appeared Ajayi would be the backup as he had been with former running back Lamar Miller. Named as the starter was former Pro Bowler and veteran running back Arian Foster.

Displaying a poor level of professionalism, Ajayi did not accompany Miami in their week one loss to Seattle.

Foster’s quick decline in play and in-season abrupt retirement led to the Dolphins giving Ajayi another shot.

He made the most of it and tallied the best three-week span of production in the NFL. From weeks six to week nine (week eight Dolphins bye-week) Ajayi ran for an average of 176 yards.

It cemented Ajayi as the waiver wire steal of the season. It was also no coincidence that his first 200 yard rushing effort in week six sprung together nine of ten wins for the Dolphins.

Should fantasy owners be leery of drafting Ajayi in the first round of fantasy drafts? Certainly. At the back of fantasy owners minds has to be the attitude he displayed when demoted as starter to Arian Foster.

One of the reasons he slide on draft boards to the fifth round was because of fumbling issues at Boise State. An issue that was masked last season as of his four fumbles only one was lost.

At just 23 years old it’s hard to ignore the upside Ajayi has. When on he is the home run threat you want on your fantasy team. In between those home run games though can be bottom end fantasy outings.

I’ll further assess his draft board thoughts as we get closer to the meat of fantasy football draft season.

Hedges Proving Low-Risk Worth

Thursday, 1 June, 2017

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Drafting a catcher in fantasy baseball is a painful roster spot to deal with. They typically bat at the bottom of the order and aren’t well-rounded statistically.

Therefore, many took the chance at drafting projected elite catchers such as Buster Posey and JT Realmuto. Posey has resurfaced to have top value while Realmuto and others haven’t been the projected stalwarts.

Ones that seem dependable one week can fade out of the picture completely for weeks on end. Twins catcher Jason Castro hasn’t lived up to his under the radar hype at all. He’s hit just four home runs with a batting average floating around .220.

Indians catcher Yan Gomes has turned around a horrid first five weeks to regain respectable numbers.

Perhaps one of the more consistent catchers has been down in Kansas City. Salvador Perez has built off last year’s solid production to the tune of eleven home runs and thirty RBI’s.

Even the hot hitting Astros are churning together a dynamic duo of production with Evan Gattis and old man Brian McCann. Benefitting from a change McCann has hit for six home runs and twenty-five RBI’s. Not to be outdone Evan Gattis in a DH role has hit for 24 RBI’s and four home runs.

Yet the cream of the crop in terms of value off of drafted position is Austin Hedges. While he may not be the glutton one would want with his batting average (.209), he has fulfilled more than adequately in terms of home runs (9) and RBIs (25).

It’s safe to say many would be perfectly fine with Hedges production as their top catcher from his average drafted position.

We are only two months in but it’s safe to say the merry go round circus of drafting quality catchers will continue for fantasy owners next season.

NFL ATS Preview: Bengals vs Steelers

Wednesday, 14 September, 2016


When it’s the Steelers and Bengals it’s always a solid matchup. Will it happen again on Sunday? Listen to Zack and Harvard discuss where they see this one falling from a Vegas perspective.

School of Handicapping: Utilizing Mobile Apps for Wagering in Las Vegas

Friday, 26 August, 2016

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Zack Cimini breaks down his thoughts on the utilization of mobile apps in Las Vegas. What are pros/cons to depositing at your local sportsbook and betting from home?

ATS Video: AFC Wild Card Preview

Saturday, 9 January, 2016


Tuesday Zack Cimini, Hollis Barnhart, and John Cranton discussed this weekend’s wild card matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals. Watch and listen to their takes before the game kicks off in a matter of hours.