2014 QB’s That Offset Their Pass Yards With Rushing TD’s


The consistency of having a top five to eight passing quarterback can propel you to a championship. Other owners that decide to wait will likely look for the next best style of quarterback. For years that has always been a quarterback that is a threat to get 6 points with their feet.

That has not changed. There was even a time that Tim Tebow had fantasy football value for a short stint of his success with Denver. Here are the top quarterbacks with a threat to get in the endzone for your fantasy football teams this season.

Cam Newton
Newton can drive you crazy as a fantasy owner with his abysmal weeks yardage wise. But Newton has the best hidden fantasy value of any quarterback because of his legs. Carolina has not had a fantasy friendly running back in years because of Newton. They have the short yardage plunge perfected with Newton. Get ready for more Superman chest flashes this season.

Andrew Luck
Luck isn’t a top twelve fantasy quarterback yet with his arm, but gives a little extra value with his legs. You have to wonder if the Colts have success running the football if Luck’s numbers start to dwindle with his legs. Until then though you can boost Luck up a few spots because of his rushing ability.

Colin Kaepernick
People tend to doubt Kaepernick’s arm but I’m a high believer in Kaepernick for both his legs and arm. In week one last year against Green Bay he dazzled and outplayed Aaron Rodgers with his arm. His accuracy was pinpoint but for some reason the 49ers offense was in disarray all season. It was Kaepernick’s first full season as starter. He was a series away from his second Super Bowl appearance. Look for the 49ers to unleash Kaepernick a bit more with his legs as it looked like he was held back in that fashion last year.

His numbers will likely never get to the level they were as a rookie but history always repeats itself. Time and time again an athlete gets boosted too high coming back from an injury than written off when actually healthy.

Ryan Fitzpatrick
Last year in Tennessee, Fitzpatrick made some nice plays with his legs. He has scrambling ability and isn’t afraid to tuck and go. Who can forget his scramble for a touchdown as a Buffalo Bill against the Miami Dolphins? Fitz likely won’t be on too many fantasy rosters but owners in dire need can have some insurance with Fitzpatrick’s rushing ability.

Others: Russ Wilson, Ryan Tannehil, Johnny Manziel, Mike Vick, EJ Manuel, and Alex Smith


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