Running Backs–Fantasy Need to Know

By Tyler Cimini

If your plan going in to your leagues fantasy draft was to draft a quarterback in the first round whose name isn’t Brees, Rodgers, or P. Manning then your season is over before it even began. The NFL is a passing league, but it doesn’t take a genius to realize that snagging two quality running backs is the best way to carry your fantasy team.

Top running backs to snag
Lesean McCoy-Last year, McCoy was a yardage monster. Putting up 1,946 in total yards and 11 total touchdowns he ranked 11th in overall fantasy points and second among running backs. In week 1 of the pre-season it was a shock to see that Foles didn’t play so hot (2 INT). If that’s a sign of things to come than maybe we’ll see more of McCoy handling the game, while Foles manages it.

Adrian Peterson
-It’s no secret that AP will go in the first round and most likely number one overall. But he may also be on the board by the third or fourth pick too if you have a league of what I call stat collectors. AP was only 6th in standard leagues for running backs last year with 203.7 points. That means Matt Forte was ahead of him (229.5) and Demarco Murray (198.2) close behind. However, I expect AP to rise ahead in scoring considering two factors. The first being, every rookie quarterbacks best friend is a solid running game and the second is new offensive coordinator, Norve Turner. Turner will undoubtedly try to use AP in any situation he can to take the presser off Bridgewater (if he starts).

Best late round steal

Darren Sproles-In 2013 he was only able to come up with 99 overall fantasy points. I know…it’s risky. But with a new team and new system I expect to see a lot of two back formations from the Eagles. The upside to Sproles is his ability to play a receiving threat on offense. Especially for anyone drafting in a PPR league, this is your guy.

Owner Beware

Knowshon Moreno
-Remember last season? Did you know Moreno was 4th in points for running backs? Did you forget the quarterback was Payton Manning? I’m sure you didn’t. Now he is in a new offense with a new quarterback in Miami. Before Peyton, I knew him as “No-Show” Moreno and many camp reports from Miami are only showing signs of regression for him. His official debut is scheduled for week 2 of the pre-season where he will be judged with heavy eyes.


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