Review of Fantasy Quarterbacks News and Notes

By Tyler Cimini

Here we go another pick to be made and you’re on the clock. It’s the second round and you need a quarterback. Top tear quarterbacks have gone off the board. Don’t panic though, with the exception of Rodgers, most of the quarterbacks people are gunning for early aren’t very mobile and this year mobility for a quarterback is going to be a big factor for fantasy football.

Take the risk
Grab RGIII as your starter. You can defiantly expect him to be sitting in the sixth round. You can’t get caught up in his 2013 fantasy season (ranked 17 among QBs). He’s a healthier and more aware player heading into year three. Also don’t buy into the camp reports of Kirk Cousins outplaying him. This is a media ploy to use Cousins as trade bait.

Just like college
Carson Palmer had a great showing during his first pre-season game vs the Texans. Last year he was a quality guy to put on the bench if your draft didn’t go to deep and you didn’t have to scrape for a quarterback. This year he has not just, Fitzgerald, and Floyd but a rookie receiver named John Brown has now emerged as a potential starter. Look for Carson to have a huge season. Projection 15th round

Expect the Wise Guy
Somebody will pick up Johnny Manziel late in the draft as a backup/hopeful starter, just for the sake of a laugh. In the words of Iron Mike Ditka “Stop it”. He is just another poor to average player with a Tim Tebow type of hype. Projection 13th round


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