Is the Media Overhyping Andrew Luck?


Just like ESPN’s show Numbers Never Lie, sometimes you have to ignore opinion and focus on the numbers. Andrew Luck has led some great comebacks and has had some dazzling throws in his young career. But he has also had some disastrous games that seem to be forgotten when the media hypes him up.

Luck seems poised all the time even if he makes a mistake. The problem is when he makes a mistake it usually tailspins into a horrific multi-interception game. Obviously he either can’t block out his mistakes or just lets his turnovers get to him too much.

It’s not like Luck is out there throwing a high amount of touchdown passes to offset this trend either. Luck ranked just 15th in touchdown passes a year ago with 23. Quarterbacks such as Ryan Tannehill, Russ Wilson, and Carson Palmer threw more touchdowns than Luck.

The way the media hypes Luck you’d think he had been to the Super Bowl already. The talent is there but fantasy football draftees need to hold the projections of the media back when drafting.

There are a few variables to consider that may even hurt Luck in 2014. One the Colts all but abandoned their running game last season. With the woes of Trent Richardson and not a suitable backup, the Colts lacked the fire power to help Luck. That may change this season if Richardson recommits himself but that could also hurt Luck’s overall yardage numbers and touchdown results.

The Colts do not run a fast tempo offense that the Broncos, Saints, Cowboys, and other teams with fantasy friendly stats do.

I do not think Luck warrants a top five to eight fantasy consideration at quarterback just yet. He is likely going to remain in the ten to thirteen range until the stalwarts in the top five retire.

If you’re one that waits to draft a quarterback like an old school draftee, do it with caution. Luck’s stats aren’t likely to fluctuate to a higher draw from what we saw in 2013.


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