Updated Fantasy Quarterback Rankings 8/11/14


I haven’t updated my fantasy rankings since mid-June. This week I’ll unveil new updated rankings in all positions each day. If you have any personal questions to help your fantasy football team feel free to email me at notjustagame23@gmail.com or via twitter@cimini.

1. Drew Brees
The Saints may be ready to pull off the mountain hike back up to the top of the NFL. We’ve seen this trend with teams over the last ten years. They get to the top, stumble back to the bottom and then refocus back to the top. New Orleans impressed early on in the season going undefeated before teams began trapping Jimmy Graham. That won’t work as easily this season with the improvement of Kenny Stills and the drafting of Brandin Cooks. The field will be wide open again for Brees. Look for him to flourish at his typical high rate.

2. Cam Newton
I love the fact that Newton has stayed out of the limelight. His growth on the field took a dive in his second season and grew immensely last year. His all around great rookie season seems well in the past to fantasy owners. People may think the Panthers offense will stay grounded but look for Newton to be the big difference in its growth forward. Steve Smith wasn’t a number one receiver anymore and it was the appropriate time to move on. Newton will have his best fantasy season yet in 2014.

3. Aaron Rodgers
Remember a few seasons ago when Tony Romo was catching flack for parading with Jessica Simpson in the offseason. Rodgers has been in similar fashion this offseason but since he isn’t on the Cowboys it hasn’t been mentioned. Rodgers talent on the field speaks for itself. He is one quarterback that you don’t have to think twice about. Others have offensive limitations on a weekly basis or age worries.

4. Matthew Stafford
It was just a few seasons ago that Matt Stafford was being drafted in round one of fantasy leagues. Change in Detroit figures to be a primary beneficiary to the defense which has been heavily invested in by the Lions front office. Look for it to show the biggest difference in Stafford. Megatron is still there and there should be a retooled focus all around in Detroit.

5. Peyton Manning
I’m not ranking Manning one or two as I believe the Broncos are going to re-shift the way they manage Manning. If their ultimate goal is to get to the Super Bowl they have to protect Manning better. Reducing the amount of throws and focusing on a great running game will be the emphasis in 2014. He needs to be fresh and sharp for one last great playoff run. Elway will be an influence in this and it’ll lead to a lower than expected output from Manning.

6. Matt Ryan
7. Tony Romo
8. RG3
9. Colin Kaepernick
10.Nick Foles
11.Russ Wilson
12.Jay Cutler
13.Tom Brady
14.Ben Roethlisberger
15.Andrew Luck
16.Eli Manning
17.Johnny Manziel
18.Philip Rivers
19.Ryan Tannehill
20.Andy Dalton
21.Carson Palmer
22.Joe Flacco
23.Ryan Fitzpatrick
24.EJ Manuel
25.Sam Bradford
26.Josh McCown
27.Alex Smith
28.Jake Locker
29.Mike Vick
30.Matt Cassel
31.Blake Bortles
32.Matt Schaub


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