Week Seven Automatics/Don’t Do Its

Week Seven Automatics/Don’t Do Its Follow@cimini


Josh Freeman I’m going to green light a Josh Freeman start for those searching for an out of the ordinary week at the fantasy quarterback position. Freeman thus far this year has been more of a tabloid spectacle then a performer, but a new environment should translate to success on the field. A toxic environment no matter what work profession is going to be a recipe for non-success for both sides. This is the perfect first start for Freeman to have. The New York Giants have not been able to stop anyone all season. Freeman has the arm to make targets Greg Jennings, Jerome Simpson, and Kyle Rudolph fantasy friendly every week. Eddie Lacy Last Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens Lacy was the main show to witness in a game that had little offense for several quarters. With injuries to Jones and Cobb, Green Bay will turn more into a running team for the next several weeks. That may be a good thing to build the team’s overall confidence. Don’t forget the year the Packers won the Super Bowl in 2010, it all started with the Packers resorting to running the football with success in the second half of the season when they turned the carries over to James Starks. Nick Foles They say all you need is the opportunity and right circumstances to overtake a position in sports. Foles has that for the second consecutive week while Mike Vick nurses a sore hamstring. What better way to showcase you’re the right guy for the job, than to get two consecutive wins for a team that was below .500 beforehand? Foles gets the chance to light up a Dallas secondary prone at giving up the big plays. Lamar Miller By now most fantasy football owners are probably ready to write off Miller and the chance of a sleeper type season for him. Part of Miami’s struggles with consecutive losses before their bye week was the inability to establish or sustain the running game. At 3-2 this a decisive game for Miami to propel themselves back into playoff consideration against Buffalo. During the winning streak of 3-0, Miami was riding the arm of Ryan Tannehill, it led to the downside of their last two losses. Look for Miami to get Miller going against a Buffalo team traveling on the road after a hard fought overtime loss at home against Cincinnati. Reggie Wayne I think the impact of this matchup of Peyton Manning vs Andrew Luck is hyped for all the right reasons. But a guy being forgotten in this is Reggie Wayne. Wayne is linked to Manning right behind Marvin Harrison as his favorite target during his career. It’s not like Wayne is at the twilight stages of his career. He is still performing at an elite level and will want to show that he is the best receiver on the field, not DeMaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, and Wes Welker. Others: Donnie Avery, DeAngelo Williams, Pierre Garcon, and Larry Fitzgerald

Don’t Do Its

Russ Wilson Revenge is never in disguise. The Cardinals will be coming hard after Russ Wilson and trying to avenge their blowout , 58-0, loss from a year ago. Wilson has rushed the football ten or more times four of the last five Seahawks games. A year ago he only ran the ball over ten times once. He is having issues in the pocket throwing the ball because his receivers cannot get open frequently. Look for the Cardinals to attack with lots of blitzes to try and get Wilson to commit to mistakes. I don’t think he’ll have the success running the ball which downgrades his fantasy value. CJ Spiller The game will come that Spiller has an all-world fantasy game, but do you want to count on a 15 yard per carry average for him to do so? Buffalo has relegated Spiller’s carries. He is lucky if he’ll surpass twelve carries on any game at this rate. So in order for him to be a mega success he needs to run the football for an outrageous yards per carry average. If it were not for his big touchdown run against Cleveland owners would be on the verge of permanent seating Spiller on their bench. Tom Brady Brady and the Patriots are finding ways to win and they’ll look to do so again this week against the Jets. Rex Ryan has typically been solid at devoting great schemes to combat the Patriots run and gun offense. The personnel just isn’t there for Tom Brady to have success week in and week out. These two teams just played a month ago, and not much has changed from a personnel standpoint. With the Jets likely able to stuff the Patriots rush attack, it may be a long frustrating day for Brady under center. Andy Dalton Year one as a starter, Dalton did not look like a rookie in certain games. A few years later and it’s appearing that Dalton is who he is. He is not the type of quarterback that can take his game further and to another level. Therefore, defenses are able to pick up on his demeanor and read him more and more as a quarterback. It’s going to create a burden for the offense and a decline that hurts the team. Green Bay is excelling right now on defense and does not present a good matchup for Dalton. Ryan Matthews One good game and fantasy owners want to consider Matthews a fantasy stud worthy RB1 the rest of the year. As Lee Corso says….not so fast. Matthews has had plenty of time to showcase if he is a viable running back or not. This scenario needs no review. Matthews is capable of carrying the ball twelve to fifteen times a game, for a mediocre dependable average between sixty and seventy yards. San Diego transformed themselves against Indianapolis to a team that wanted to milk the clock and protect the lead. It worked but that game plan is one that the Chargers got away with because they’ve never used that type of plan. It won’t fool future opponents on the schedule, and I don’t think the Chargers will attempt it again. Others: Colin Kapernick, RG3, Sam Bradford, and Josh Gordon


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