Week Seven Fourth Quarter Killers

Week Seven Fourth Quarter Killers


The Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals kick things off in week seven tomorrow night. It’s vital to have all types of aspects ready to go for your lineups. Key stars mixed with best shots to outdo their normal fantasy numbers is the recipe for a win. Athletes that can outdo their fantasy numbers can come from teams trailing big—-fourth quarter garbage stats. Here are some athletes that can shine largely in the fourth quarter.

Ryan Tannehill
Buffalo has been decimated with injuries defensively and at the quarterback position. Miami is coming off a bye week and will look to get back on the winning track. During Miami’s three wins sometimes it would take Tannehill until the fourth quarter to really thrive. I wouldn’t be shocked for Miami to be down slightly in the fourth before Tannehill wakes up and brings the team back with a big performance.

Cam Newton
Unlike other quarterbacks with a big lead, Cam Newton’s stats usually grow. It’s as if he is trying to make up for the lackluster performances he has had in other games. Against the Giants and Vikings, Newton had a big part of his fantasy success days in the second half with a sizeable lead. The Rams are still a very vulnerable team that Cam Newton should be able to finally have back to back solid games.

Josh Gordon
Gordon has cracked the top ten fantasy receiver lists on several occasions and might be making himself a permanent fixture in those rankings. Last year he was getting behind secondary’s with ease and was just a big play receiver. This year Cleveland has mixed in all types of routes that are getting him more involved with the offense on every down. He is a big receiver that is looking for that big contract…..and will get it. This weekend’s game against the Green Bay Packers may be closer than people think, but Gordon should continue to have a high impact.

Andre Johnson
The Chiefs defense has been gaining steam as the season goes further, while the offense seems to be regressing. An odd mix but it’s working and the Chiefs have not had to play from behind except for a few minutes against Tennessee. Houston’s quarterback woes are not going to go away in a matter of days, which does not bode well for either Matt Schaub or TJ Yates keeping this game competitive. Where there will be a fantasy green light will be with Andre Johnson. The aging receiver already has forty four caught balls and near 450 yards receiving. He should churn up some more late in this game.

Reggie Wayne
Everyone is talking about the second year quarterback in Andrew Luck having a chance to face the quarterback he replaced in Peyton Manning and vice versa. What about Wayne facing his old quarterback that threw him the football all but two years of his career? Wayne will be the key guy to watch for offensively against a Denver team that allowed 48 points to Dallas and then 190 yards receiving to Justin Blackmon a week ago.

Others: Justin Blackmon, Nic Foles, Tony Romo, DeSean Jackson, and Michael Floyd


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