Stretching the Field Post Week Nine

Stretching the Field Post Week Nine


Andre Johnson
The play calling for the Texans nose dived without head coach Gary Kubiak. For now though the Texans appear to have their new quarterback settled in Case Keenum. He revived Andre Johnson who had been held without a touchdown for a long time. He finished Sunday with two touchdowns on nine catches for over 220 yards.

Jimmy Graham
You have to think the rest of the season may get tougher for Graham. Marques Colston has been hobbled and Brees is having a tough time finding a main receiver to target frequently. For the first nine games of the season you’d can argue that Graham’s name deserves to be in the running for offensive MVP. He has been virtually unstoppable every game. He tacked on two more touchdowns Sunday.

Robert Meachem
Meachem didn’t get in the end zone but he did make four big catches. If Meachem can have half the impact that he did as a New Orleans Saint his first time around he can be of fantasy significance. With Colston nursing a knee injury, there is going to be an opportunity for Meachem to re-arise in the Saints offense.

Pierre Garcon
It was Garcon who talked about RG3 in the media about his knee brace. Since then the days of our lives media soap opera with RG3 has not been as near an issue. He has calmed down quite a bit and the sound bites have filtered down. Garcon has risen RG3’s game, when a year ago it was the opposite. Garcon is making phenomenal catches and finished with seven for over 170 yards.

Harry Douglas
Douglas continues to put up great stats as a number one receiver in spot duty over Julio Jones and Roddy White. Douglas had three catches for over eighty yards. He seemed to be having success for a couple of drives against Carolina before it all came to a halt. The ceiling for Douglas may have been reached, but the positive is that Roddy White should be back soon.

Riley Cooper and DeSean Jackson
Oakland’s secondary and defense obviously was not prepared to take on the Eagles assault. Once it started it was beginning of a marathon of nightmarish highlights for the Raiders. Now the Eagles get the spotlight again after the offense hadn’t clicked like that since week one. Cooper and Jackson will look to continue their show with Nick Foles at quarterback.

Greg Little
I wouldn’t rush to the waiver wire for Little, as he has been non-existent for much of the season. Sunday though the Ravens were the first defense to ensure Josh Gordon doesn’t beat them for big play after big play. They held him in check to just three catches for over forty yards. It was the other side that they struggled which led Little to a stellar game.

Aaron Dobson, Danny Amendola, and Rob Gronkowski
A game that was 24-all looked like it was on course to be a great finish. In a span of minutes the Patriots extended the lead with quick strike after quick strike. When the Steelers weren’t allowing big plays to Dobson, Amendola, and Gronk it came via pass interferences. We will see if the show can continue with all now healthy.

TY Hilton
Andrew Luck’s second half comeback heroics were similar to an NBA marksmen. Luck targeted TY Hilton and saw that the Texans couldn’t stop him once they got going. Hilton finished with seven catches for over 120 yards. Still, the Colts will have to find another receiver to step up in absence of Reggie Wayne.


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