Best Catches to Targets from Week Nine

Best Catches to Targets from Week Nine


Mike Wallace
Wallace finally had a game where his catches to targets were a decent rate. Tannehill and Wallace have struggled all season at utilizing Wallace’s big play abilities. The story surrounding Miami’s offensive line has a lot to do with that. Tannehill has been planted on his back and not given enough time to get the football down the field. Maybe that will change. Thursday Wallace finished with six catches on eight targets.

Jason Witten
It’s about time we had a Jason Witten sighting. The tight end was the difference on a day that Dez Bryant was held in check. Witten looked in old form as he was able to get over the middle and even was able to get some yards after the catch. He had eight catches on ten targets.

Keenan Allen
Going into the season many Chargers fans and fantasy owners were worried at who Brees would target game to game. Antonio Gates has been steady, but it’s been the rookie Keenan Allen who has blown past expectations. He had one of the strongest months in October and has carried it over to the first game of November. He finished with eight catches on eleven targets.

Tony Gonazlez
Gonzalez was on his way to another career type of game against the Carolina Panthers. In the first half Matt Ryan was targeting Gonzalez nearly every pass play. I would have as well as the Carolina Panthers chose to play Gonzalez with just a linebacker. It was a mismatch every time and resulted in a close game at half at just 14-10. Ron Rivera and the Panthers did the smart thing and rethought their coverages on Gonzalez. The game flipped from there and Gonzalez only ended up with six catches on nine targets, mostly from the first half.

Brandon LaFell
LaFell almost ended up in the fantasy doghouse. He finished with six catches on nine targets but should have had eight catches on nine targets. On two deep ball throws in the second half Cam Newton placed the ball in good spots for LaFell. He just couldn’t find the ball and make the catch. His involvement with the offense was a good sign, but LaFell needs to get his hands on more balls.

Doug Baldwin
Baldwin is one of the unheralded Seahawks that has helped them get two wins, one against Houston and the comeback against Tampa Bay. The connection is just there and the Seahawks are going to need Baldwin on the field more until the offensive line gets better. Baldwin finished with six catches on ten targets.

Jerricho Cotchery
Cotchery had a game that may be his last big game of his career. Every athlete has one. Cotchery has been the third receiver on the Steelers for a few years now after a solid stint with the Jets. Sunday he made fantastic catches and scored three touchdowns. I would not recommend picking up Cotchery off the waiver wire.

Others: AJ Green 11 catches/19 targets, Dwayne Bowe 7 catches/12 targets, Lance Moore 6 catches/10 targets, Greg Jennings 6 catches/9 targets, Pierre Garcon 7 catches/11 targets, Rod Streater 5 catches/6 targets, Torrey Smith 5 catches/8 targets, Rob Gronkowski 9 catches/10 targets, TY Hilton 7 catches/11 targets, Brandon Marshall 7 catches/13 targets


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