Who to Use For an Aaron Rodgers Fill In?

Who to Use For an Aaron Rodgers Fill In?


A broken collarbone will cost Aaron Rodgers a crucial period in the regular season on the field and for fantasy football owners. Most people that drafted Rodgers high probably ignored the need for a fantasy backup quarterback. Similar to the way the Packers did with bringing in Seneca Wallace after preseason.

Fantasy owners figured they would just need a spot starter for one game. In all likelihood that led to you just swapping a bench player for a waiver wire quarterback acquisition for a week. Someone serviceable to just get you points at the position for one week. Now you must rethink how you are going to get points at the quarterback position with Rodgers out for at least three weeks.

Here are a few quarterbacks to think about picking up in the time being.

Christian Ponder
I know it draws the ire of Rodgers owners to even have to think about picking up Ponder. It is a tremendous downgrade. In terms of fantasy points though you are going to get a bargain with ponder. The negativity surrounding his name has high merit from his poor performances throughout the last year and a half. Last week he showed signs though with his legs and arm. If he can keep the passing game going with the force of AP, he is going to continue to get chunks of fantasy points with his legs. That’s the type of bonus you want to find at this juncture.

Carson Palmer
Palmer is another name that is one no one would want. He has been a turnover machine. But the Cardinals somehow have managed to be a .500 team and are coming off their bye week. The Cardinals can get themselves in contention for a wild card spot with a strong push. With newfound success with Andre Ellington at running back, the Cardinals are going to come out of the bye week with the ability to attack down the field. Don’t be surprised if Palmer performs better as teams are going to have to trust the Cardinals running game a bit more.

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