Frye Offers Value

Frye Offers Value


The NBA season is still very young. Most teams have only played three games total. Early in any sports season you’ll see a few teams off to a better start than most would have anticipated. One of those teams is the Phoenix Suns. Before the season even started they traded away Marcin Gortat, an emerging center that figured to be the low post presence to guard Eric Bledsoe.

With four first round picks next season it looked like the Suns had already waived the white towel on the 2013-2014 season. Aspirations are low for positive results. But with a 2-1 start to the season the Suns are showing they have some pieces in place. Next year’s draft and a key free agent should put them in prime position.

A forgotten current roster player on the Suns is Channing Frye. With the departures of Jason Richardson, Steve Nash, Vince Carter, Leandro Barbosa, Robin Lopez, Gortat, Grant Hill, and Jared Dudley it’s shocking to see a holdover remain from the last few Phoenix Suns seasons. Frye is a local product hailing from Phoenix Saint Mary’s high school that sat out the entire 2012-2013 season after undergoing a heart procedure.

In all likelihood he’ll be in the running and have a strong chance to win the award of comeback player of the year.

Go around the NBA and you’ll be hard pressed to find too many big men that have the skillset of Frye. His defensive skills have grown during his tenure in the NBA, adding to his deadly outside shot. His ability to knock down three pointers is an asset to have on your rotisserie fantasy basketball team.
Don’t worry about his current three point percentage off of a small sample. He did score 19 points against Oklahoma City and already has four blocks on the young season. Jeff Hornacek is going to utilize Frye to draw centers out of the defensive lane and guard Frye from the perimeter. It’s the perfect scheme to get point guard Eric Bledsoe more lanes to attack the hoop.

Minutes will continue to be on Frye’s side. Add him to your fantasy team before he has a string of solid games.


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