As we near the All Star break the play on the court by teams in the NBA is regressing to the point that David Stern may have to consider un-retiring. Obviously certain teams are looking forward to the break.

An area sports bettors can capitalize on now is totals. Blowouts are abound and with that comes some easy side plays. The even easier area to dig a win during this time frame is via a total.

Totals have already been inflated due to the increased scoring the NBA has seen this year. Similar to the way the NFL faltered high totals to end the season, we are starting to see that as well in the NBA.

An opportunistic play tonight on an under is between the Mavericks and Bobcats. Dallas is a veteran team with the likes of Nowitski, Marion, Carter, and Monta Ellis. They are not a defensive team by any means but they are a bit underrated in that area as far as I am concerned.

Charlotte on the other hand has had a rigorous travel schedule, having played on the west coast recently. With key players such as Al Jefferson and Kemba Walker battling through injuries at different stretches but still remaining high contributors upon returning, I expect a look ahead towards All Star break type of game from both of them.

Play the under and lean towards Dallas if you’re looking for a side play.


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