ACC Free Play Duke vs Florida St


The ACC has shown to be a conference top heavy. Virginia, Duke, and Syracuse have taken care of business while the rest have struggled with inconsistent play. The stage Pittsburgh is in now is where North Carolina was just a few weeks ago. With the conference lacking its typical balance it has allotted for some teams to get on win streaks against poor competition. North Carolina is right in the middle of the conference in terms of their record for good reason as they have had a roller coaster season.

With a rescheduled game against Duke looming it would not surprise me to see North Carolina falter on the road against Florida State. This is the same Florida State team that ripped apart VCU and had a big lead over Michigan before faltering. The talent is there but their young roster has hit a bit of a wall.

Matchups can sometimes wake up on opponent and I believe that will be the case tonight for Florida State.


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