A mid week conference game that likely will not grab the attention of most hoops fans is Central FLORIDA vs South FLORIDA. Neither team is on the radar for respected teams in their conference let alone for March Madness. Each team is just trying to show progress while their young rosters grow.

The opening line on this game is 3.5. Although South FLORIDA is playing tougher as of late, it’s in large part due to their opponents play. SMU clearly was caught off guard in South Floridas shocking win over them. A few days later in their last game they held a late lead against Cincinnati, before losing by five.

This is a situation that you want to look beyond a teams last few games and look at them as a whole. South FLORIDA struggles to score no matter the situation. Central FLORIDA on the other hand is better than their record indicates. They’ve played a tougher schedule than Central FLORIDA and have no problems putting the ball in the hoop.

This is an in state rivalry game that should get more aggression out of Central FLORIDA to deliver some defensive intensity.

Play Central FLORIDA -3.5


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