You've Got To Be Kidding Me: Week Three

Major erupting dilemmas are already occurring after week three. The waiver wire is already jammed with people’s requests. That’s just the start of it. There are a lot of decisions to be made on certain teams with problems already surfacing.

Did disappointment find its way on your fantasy roster? Let your frustration out in this weeks take of, you’ve got to be kidding me.


Chad Pennington:
Patterns of downgrades is all you can look at with Pennington. Throughout his career he has continually been susceptible to injuries more than any other starter over the last four years. Tearing his rotator cuff has to be looked at like a baseball pitcher. This is his second time dealing with that shoulder. When pitchers have to go in and get scoped with surgeries in their shoulder, they never return the same. The velocity of speed is gone in their throws. Pennington was never good in that department, and it’s sad to say but his career may be over in the NFL. It truly is going to take a remarkable recovery for him to be the Jets starting quarterback and play at the level the Jets need him to.

Josh McCown:
McCown quietly was pouting and griping on how the Cardinals gave up on him last season, and then went and got Kurt Warner. Well Josh, it’s the way you play. The Cardinals were actually playing decent football until Warner went down. Then came in McCown who looks like he needs some re-educating in every aspect of being a quarterback. Maybe he should take the Kurt Warner route. Go bag groceries then find his way in NFL Europe and the AFL. Then maybe he could be a great starting CFL quarterback.

Aaron Brooks
Blotches of games like Brooks had against the Vikings are what holds the Saints down, and Brooks career. He can’t grasp a handle of controllability. The Saints are getting to the point where a complete makeover. Their five year Hollywood story has been nothing but struggles of mediocrity. This is it, as another average season is going to cause construction of total rebuilding. To conquer and rule in the NFL you need to have the will and Brooks seems to leave that somewhere.

Running Backs

Steven Jackson
Case in point of why not to over pursue a back in fantasy football based on one year and hypothetical rave thinking by every magazine. The same two things that slowed Jackson down are this year. One is the Rams lack of commitment to the running game, and the second is Jackson’s risk of injury level. On top of that, we all know that Marshall Faulk is going to see some action. So until those two things change with Jackson he is nothing more than a fantasy backup.

Travis Henry
We hope he wiped his dried his eyes. After all that crying he did to get out of Buffalo, he knew that he violated the league’s substance abuse policy. He could have been paid in Buffalo for that and his reputation would have been slightly less damaged. What a difference a couple of years makes. Henry has went from a Pro Bowler, to losing his job, getting traded, and now a suspension.

Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson
They made more owners happy than not. There were plenty of owners out there with a shaky lead, especially knowing what Holmes and Johnson usually are capable of. Shutting the two down proved easier because of the Broncos aggressive front seven. Also the big lead Denver had forced the Chiefs to adjust their game plan.

Ahman Green

And the running back bust of the year goes to……

Wide Receivers

Jerry Porter
Targeting Porter has become harder than finding Osama Bin Laden. Last season Kerry Collins saved his reborn life with the Raiders because of Porter. Now the two connect like Porter is a 42 year old Jerry Rice, trying to make a catch or two just to keep his name out there. If Porter can’t have a great fantasy year with Moss on his side than money really turned to be an over ruler for Porter.

Eric Moulds and Lee Evans
This just in, JP Losman could have used another year on the bench. Bledsoe is looking smooth and Julius Jones hasn’t been as great as last season yet. Moulds and Evans had disastrous games Sunday, and may end up having seasons stats like the Giants receivers did last year with Eli.

Joe Horn
A couple of games here and there are going to happen like this for any receiver. But it shouldn’t of happened this week against Minnesota, Joe. Even Brooks horrible game shouldn’t correlate to a pathetic one catch for eleven yards.

Lavernues Coles
Who’s wishing they would have stayed put? It’s been downplayed, but Santana Moss is out dueling Coles by a large amount. It hasn’t been because of Pennington’s shoulder either, as Coles has dropped passes like he was a Seahawk.


Sebastian Janikowski
Who was the personnel that decided to draft Janikowski in round one? We saw ESPN classic do a complete show on the worst busts of all time. Janikowski technically should make the list, as he’ll never live up to his first round selection. We guess the NFL will try anything once.

Ryan Longwell
Missing that extra point proved to be the difference of attempting for a win in overtime, and the result which was a one point loss.


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