Week Three Starting Cast/Extra Worries

First and foremost mother nature may make football take a backseat this weekend. Hurricane Rita looks as if it’s going to be another disaster, and reports will likely be brought in constantly throughout the weekend. It may be hard for football fans to deal with the updates, but please keep in mind a lot of people have family and friends in the areas Rita is expected to hit. At Notjustagame we hope the precautions taken this time around will lead to the overall better safety and quicker response for voluntary help, that may be needed afterwards.

Atlanta vs. Buffalo

Automatic: TJ Duckett, Willis McGahee, Alge Crumpler
This game doesn’t present a forecast of fantasy madness. Instead it should be a low scoring and fairly slow managing game. TJ Duckett usually shines in these type of situations, because of bruising style.

Don’t Do It: JP Losman, Mike Vick, any WR.
The quarterbacks haven‘t looked effective in two games. There is no reason to see that changing this week.

Cincinnati at Chicago

Automatic: Bengals offensive starters, Thomas Jones, Mushin Muhammed
Marvin Lewis has done an outstanding job. The Bengals are not only a threat to make the playoffs, they may win their division. Their offense is always going to have the green light in starting on fantasy teams.

Don’t Do It: Kyle Orton
A time comes when a quarterback is forced out of his shell because of the status of play on the field. Once the Bengals jump on the Bears, the Bears will have to change their game plan with Orton. It may hurt him now, but he seems to be the type of quarterback that’ll turn around his fortunes quicker than most inexperienced quarterbacks.

Tampa Bay at Green Bay

Automatic: Brian Griese, Brett Favre, Robert Ferguson, Donald Driver, Michael Clayton
This will be a game of points and a few strange turnovers. That’s expected when Favre and Griese are under center.

Don’t Do It: Carnell Williams
Just when the spotlight streaks on a young athlete is when a bad week happens. Every one has turned their heads away from Ronnie Brown to the league’s current overall best back. Green Bay has done a good job in stopping the run, and the Buccaneers don’t usually score too many points. Williams yardage may eclipse the 100 yard mark, but may be cut away from the end zone. You just can’t expect him to reach the end zone every week, he isn’t LT. If the game becomes a passing shootout, Williams carries may slide by the second half.

Cleveland at Indianapolis

Fantasy fans are preying that Trent Dilfer’s play hasn’t been a fluke. If it hasn’t then the Browns and Colts may be the best game of the week, highlights wise. Lay’s should show plenty of commercials, because there are more than one fantasy football players to choose in this one.

Tennessee at St. Louis

Automatic: Steven Jackson, Marc Bulger, Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, Steve McNair, Travis Henry, Drew Bennett
The rematch of ‘99’s Super Bowl is not a fact to bring up here. The teams are no longer a strong force, and both are up in the air of where they are headed. Certain weeks they look okay and the next they look dismal.

Don’t Do It: Chris Brown
Brown seems to be losing his ground to Travis Henry.

Carolina at Miami

Automatic: Jake Delhomme, Stephen Davis, Steve Smith, Gus Frerotte, Chris Chambers, Marty Booker
Here is the type of game Delhomme needs to break out. Miami should be able to stop the run early, and that usually means they can be thrown on. The defense never seems to be able to stop both the rushing and passing game.

Don’t Do It: Ronnie Brown
Brown may not get a 100 yard game until one of the last weeks in the season. As soon as Ricky Williams is eligible, he’ll take away at least five to ten carries.

New Orleans at Minnesota

Automatic: Daunte Culpepper, Marcus Robinson, Aaron Brooks, Joe Horn, Donte Stallworth, Deuce McAllister
Another bad performance by Culpepper and you can kiss the Vikings season good bye. New Orleans can’t stop the pass, so that shouldn’t be the outcome for Culpepper.

Don’t Do It: Michael Bennett
The Vikings need to trade for a RB, or give Bennett an actual chance.

Jacksonville at NY Jets

Automatic: Jimmy Smith
He could get a big play or two.

Don’t Do It: Chad Pennington, Curtis Martin, Lavernues Coles
Let the garbage fly. The Jets offense has always ran off of Curtis Martin’s rushing. With his sore knee and the Jaguars defense that’ll be hard to get going. The Jaguars can play press on the receivers all day and let their safeties roam freely to shut down Pennington’s short throws. For the Jets to get over two hundred and fifty total yards would be a huge accomplishment.

Oakland at Philadelphia
The only question on this one is will Doug Gabriel, Jerry Porter, or Ronald Curry finally step up with the threat of Randy Moss out there?

Dallas at San Francisco

Automatic: Drew Bledsoe, Terry Glenn, Julius Jones, Keyshawn Johnson, Patrick Crayton
The drubbing the Eagles did to the 49ers last week will be a downplayed stomp this week.

Don’t Do It: Kevan Barlow
Word is Frank Gore is closer to getting a start.

Arizona at Seattle

Automatic: Shaun Alexander, Darrell Jackson, Matt Hasselbeck, Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin
Shaun Alexander has had some fantastic numbers in previous years against the Cards.

Don’t Do It: JJ Arrington or Marcel Shipp
Dennis Green is contemplating again. Shipp will likely get the start. If word comes on the official starter and it’s Shipp, start him. If it’s Arrington than don’t.

New England at Pittsburgh

Automatic: Corey Dillon, Hines Ward, Deion Branch, Willie Parker
Expect the teams to enforce running the football.

Don’t Do It: Either quarterback
Typically when these two play there have been points put up. It could happen again but don’t count on it.

NY Giants at San Diego

Automatic: LT, Drew Brees, Antonio Gates, Tiki Barber, Plaxico Burress, Eli Manning
The crowd is pumped to let Eli Manning have it. Manning can quiet them down if he shows his maturity, or he can get rattled like he did last year. LT has already made it known that he is frustrated. So a breakout game is due from him.

Don’t Do It: Keenan McCardell
Until Brees notices him when Gates is on the field, stay away from him.

Kansas City vs. Denver

Automatic: If it’s a Monday night game like this, you know to plug in all the stars you can. Keyword, Monday Night Football in the notjustagame search engine to see why it’s worth having an extra player or two for Monday.


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