Waiver Wire Post Week Three

Start the sweepstakes of maneuvering in fantasy football leagues. Star players have yet to prove their worthiness of their draft status, and frustration is an understatement for fantasy owners. Riding afloat with unpredictability of teams is at its biggest hike in years. Figuring a new strategy until star players get into gear is going to be key in picking up some wins over the next few weeks. Trading apples for different apples is not the answer, but a boost or two from the waiver wire is.


Eli Manning
Manning was a borderline draftee in leagues. If he was drafted it was in the latest of rounds and based on his upside. Well his upside is showing and growing. Manning’s struggles are still evident on occasion but no longer embarrassingly jolting. His pocket presence has upgraded his overall composure which has translated into some decent fantasy numbers. That should continue to improve as Manning nears the state of take off as an NFC big name quarterback.

Philip Rivers
Hints of inserting Rivers in San Diego have always been a possibility since he was drafted. All it was going to take was the Chargers losing, and that’s in a shady state currently. Drew Brees may be a stellar quarterback but if the Chargers season folds completely, the Chargers have to test Rivers. Rivers has demonstrated great ability in preseason and wants to show that he can start now. Choosing between Brees and Rivers for next season will go back and forth and be based on how Rivers responds to starting.

Tim Rattay
Don’t forget Rattay led one of the best scoring offenses in college at Louisiana Tech. Finally being rid of injuries has allowed Rattay to air it out like his old days. He has a nice connection brewing with Brandon Lloyd. For the other surrounding players he has you can only rate his play as exceptional. Once Frank Gore is named starter, Rattay’s play should only rise.

Brooks Bollinger
Often the guy not talked about shines. For a player getting ready to start in New York that is usually rare. All the talk though has been about Pennington and Fielder’s season ending injuries, a long with the resigning of Vinny Testaverde. Figuring the way Pennington’s weak arm allowed defenses to converge and press every down, matters should change with Bollinger. The only concern is how will he react to pressure defenses. Starting out this week against the Ravens. Compared to Pennington’s stats from the first few weeks, Bollinger should put up better all around.

Running Backs

Frank Gore
It’s only a matter of time before the Bar is set Low for Kevan Barlow. Low enough for him to do the limbo on the sideline for fifty five of sixty minutes. Gore doesn’t just look like the better back, he is. Once the 49ers squash debate and insert Gore, the 49ers offense will become more dynamic. Right now he is getting sneaky carries but making noise. If you wait too long on scooping him up, you’ll be hurting yourself later this season.

Jerome Bettis
Owners that are edgy and drafted Bettis likely let him go when he was hurt in the preseason. Bettis injury wasn’t supposed to take this long. So he should be extra fresh and have another one of those great strides because of it. Parker will get the carries still, but Bettis will do what he does in the touchdown department.

Ron Dayne
Mike Anderson’s durability has been a big question mark. The Broncos like to run the football a lot, and we don’t think Anderson will be able to handle a bulk of carries. Either Dayne will get an increasing role or Tatum Bell. All should be involved but Dayne is the big back that will be getting the one yard plows in the end zone.

Wide Receivers

Brian Finneran
Michael Jenkins and Roddy White drove the attention of fantasy owners to their side, once Peerless Price was given his exiting papers. While Brian Finneran just continued to do his job and now appears that he is back on Mike Vick’s target list. Vick never has put up stellar passing numbers, but the games he does is when Finneran is involved. Hint, hint.

Kevin Curtis
Isaac Bruce is off to one of his slowest starts in recent years. That is definitely a jumping sign considering the amount of throws Marc Bulger does a game. Curtis on the other hand looks like he is ready to step up and over Bruce on the depth chart.

Corey Bradford
The funk David Carr has been in hopefully will change now that they’re fresh off a bye week. If the offense is remotely back to normal, Bradford will have solid stats. Andre Johnson is a premier receiver, and being on the other side will only boost Bradford’s impact chances.


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