Where to Draft Dwayne Wade

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The downtrend for Dwayne Wade has been an easy link to discover over the past few seasons. He has games where his offensive skillset of even four to five years ago is missing. Ailments have plagued Dwayne Wade to the point that the Heat sit him out an X amount of games to preserve his health for the playoffs. Incoming news on Wade’s health is that he is ready to commit to a full season. After the past few seasons you have to be in complete disbelief. The “I’ll believe it when I see it” approach has to be taken here.

An NBA season is demanding on the healthiest of players. Wade’s teammate, Lebron James, is a nightly target by NBA teams, and should be. With the tight defense the Heat play and aggressive transition offense there are going to be hard fouls that occur. The fouls that occur take their physical toll on the body but the process of running in transition is also a huge factor. Wade’s had knee issues for multiple years. Those hard cuts and quick transition runs are worrisome for Heat fans and Wade fantasy basketball owners for the course of a season.

So where do you take the hit and avoid the disclaimer on Wade’s health in your fantasy basketball drafts?

Currently, according to Yahoo’s Draft Analyzer, Wade is being picked near the beginning of the second round (2.3). Is it because of his name that he is getting drafted that high or does he have that type of fantasy value? I’d say it’s a mix of both but still a bit high in my estimation.
His stats have been great over his career, and even last year he did average 20, 5, and 5. The key for me still circles around his health. If I’m drafting a top tier player in the first four rounds I want to know that they’re going to be on the court. In weekly fantasy basketball leagues dependability for a player to start is key. In a rotisserie style league you may be able to get away with Wade missing a handful of games.

Two years ago he only played in 49 games and last year he missed thirteen starts with 69 total. The 69 games started is a bit of an aberration as there were games that Wade started that he appeared only 70-75 percent. Results in the statbox reflected that.

Knee issues just don’t go away. Miami has done a great job at monitoring Wade, and Wade has been great at picking his spots with Coach Spoelstra to rest. After all he does have Lebron and Chris Bosh to carry the load. Miami’s destination is to three peat and they want Dwayne Wade healthy for that journey.

Unfortunately fantasy basketball is a regular season sport void of a post season involving a lineage with NBA playoff basketball. Therefore drafting Wade at the top portion of the second round is a huge risk. I’d have to be in a league that he slipped a bit (likely round three) before I even considered drafting him.

Keep in mind Wade was already 21 when he entered the league, and will be 32 in January.


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