What Should Chargers Do?

Isn?t it great when the athlete gets to make a mockery of an organization? One year ago Drew Brees practically had his walking papers handed to him, when the Chargers drafted Philip Rivers. How quickly the tide can turn in ones favor though. Rivers decided to holdout, and Brees knew this was his chance to show his worth as a Charger. In all likelihood if Rivers didn?t holdout, there would have been a competitive battle between the two, and for the future of the team Rivers more than likely would have been named the starter.

Never once have I seen a quarterback not get the attention he deserves for a turnaround more than Brees. He did get elected to his first Pro Bowl, but much of the talk all year was on Ladainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates. That?s respectable because both had record breaking years, but the transformation of Brees was incredible. It seemed at points in the year that he was a Peyton Manning duplicate with his reads, and is definitely one of the best quarterbacks at reading a defense. Brees is a perfect example on why to be patient with a quarterback, and let him learn from his mistakes. Too many teams are jumping the gun if they don?t get immediate results from a contributor, and passing off their talents to others. Whatever happened to the development stage in the NFL?

The pressure is completely off of Brees for now, as he is one of the hottest quarterback free agency commodities. Instead of the Chargers agreeing to a deal with Brees in the past, they opted not to and now will either hurt in their pockets, or lose a rising star. For Brees he is in the perfect situation. Lots of free agents have to promote their own work to get signed and actually make their agent of use. Instead, Brees can just sit back and have people come to him with no worries. More than likely he?ll take his time in signing, and look for the best option for his immediate future, and who wouldn?t?

It?d likely be best for Brees to take his skills elsewhere, as Philip Rivers isn?t going anywhere. He has a huge contract until 2010, and Brees has made it known if he is going to be a Charger he wants a long term deal. There is no way that Brees would be able to look over his shoulder for four or five years with Rivers behind him.

With that in mind the Chargers will likely franchise Brees and make it even more difficult for him. Why spoil something that?s going in the right direction? If Philip Rivers comes in, he is going to go through growing pains and hurt his team?s progression. Chances at succeeding with the right nucleus are slim, and the Chargers have the talent to do it right now. They?re a young team meshing at all positions, and shouldn?t adjust their mold.

If the Chargers can somehow get away with signing Brees to a two to three year deal, they can reevaluate on what to do after next season. If Brees comes in and has another Pro Bowl year, than it?s a no brainer in the off-season. They would have to trade Rivers and get respectable value before he depreciates. That Disneyland thinking doesn?t happen in the NFL though, and the Chargers will need to make a tough business decision. Whatever way they decide to go, it?ll likely be a no win solution. If they trade Rivers he could become the star the Chargers envisioned, and if they let Brees goes he could continue to excel. This is going to be a long process that could get ugly with a franchise tag.


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