Fiedler Overlooked

Jay Fiedler?s days in Miami may be numbered, but he has made a respectable name for himself around the league. Since Dan Marino?s departure nearly five years ago, Fiedler has been able to stable himself in Miami with little support from the coaching staff. Each year they seem to want to head in a different direction but the ultimate solution ends up being Jay Fiedler. Whether he had to fight through the distraction of Brian Griese or AJ Feeley, he was able to overcome both and get himself back in the starting lineup.

In fact this season he was given absolutely no chance by former head coach Dave Wannstedt. He abandoned Jay Fiedler with no intentions of letting him back in, until the fans and media started getting on him. AJ Feeley was playing horrible, and Fiedler deserved another shot rightfully so. He came in and battled his heart out, and played his way into a new contract this off-season. Even though that won?t be on the Dolphins, because they have decided to go in the AJ Feeley direction.

Before Miami?s fall off this year, Jay Fiedler had one of the best records over the previous four seasons for starting quarterbacks. He never did anything flashy but knew his strengths and limitations, and that complemented with Lamar Smith and Ricky Williams perfectly. The results still didn?t keep Miami from late season collapses or early playoff exits, but instilled the concept that they could be a player or two away from serious contention. So when Miami signed David Boston, it looked like they?d have the perfect piece to the puzzle.

Well Williams retired, Boston got hurt for the year, and the rest is history. Miami is also on the verge of losing a lot of star players, because they are seventeen to eighteen million dollars over the anticipated salary cap for next season. So serious cuts will be made, and they?ll need to readjust their whole nucleus.

Jay Fiedler may not land as a starter elsewhere, but there isn?t a team in the NFL that wouldn?t want him as a backup. There is no worry if he were to have to step in, and the cost of signing him will likely be a low expense. Either way he shouldn?t be forgotten for how long he lasted from the transition days of Dan Marino. No one and I mean no one thought he?d do what he did or last as long as he did. His quarterback savvy and ability to take tough hits in the pocket, is up with the best of them in the league. For teams looking to add serious depth behind a solid capable starter, will find a gem with Fiedler.


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