Bears Ready To Build

A quick glance at the Bears 2005 season, and you?ll see that they finish at a dismal 5-11. Any knowledgeable person though would see that they were a great 5-11 team, if that is even possible to imagine. They went through tremendous injuries on both sides of the football, but yet stayed a dangerous team. With a few additions to the offense especially on the line, things could finally open up for the Bears.

When Rex Grossman went down week four, it really took a lot from the Bears offense. With Grossman in the lineup he gave the Bears a decent passing attack that was complimented well with the rising play of Thomas Jones. In fact the Bears could have easily been 3-0 out the gate, instead of 1-2. They shocked the world with their win at Lambeau field, but after that had two horrible stretches of losing streak, one losing streak of four straight games, and another losing six out seven.

There were two main explanations for that. One was because they had no viable backup and had to use quarterbacks with no credentials whatsoever to have their name in the history books as once being a starter. Jonathan Quinn, Craig Krenzel, and Chad Hutchinson epitomize why a team needs to be prepared to have a solid backup. There were some games that the quarterbacks played so poorly that you just felt sorry for their supporting cast of teammates. It?s dejecting to go back or off the field realizing you?re not going to move the football for sixty minutes. It lowers the standards even more when doubt is in mind of a leader?s capability. That?s when losing streaks occur, and that?s exactly what happened in Chicago.

The other main reason was that the Bears strong defense was banged up throughout the year. They lost their star safety Mike Brown for the year after his emphatic fumble recovery for a touchdown against Green Bay. The anchor of their defense in Brian Urlacher, also was battling it out all season. Even through it the entire defense did a great job in keeping the team in games. Just like the offensive players mindsets change with no production, the same happens on defense. They grow tired quickly because their adrenaline and any reason to be motivated is down. That?s when a mistake here or there happens, and boom the defense gives up a big touchdown or allows a runner to pound away suddenly.

As the Bears regroup, and put the pieces to the puzzle back together they should realize that they aren?t very far away from being ahead in the NFC North. In fact, it wouldn?t be shocking to see a four-way race all year long between the teams. When you look at all four teams right now injury free, the Bears actually do look the best. They have the best defense, and a balanced offensive attack. Thomas Jones would have been the shock of the year, if it weren?t for him missing a part of the season and his brother stealing the spotlight. For the quarterbacks that were throwing the football, the Bears receivers actually showed signs of improving. No one did more than David Terrell who showed brief moments of being a potential star wide receiver. Any setback next season for Terrell, and its time to give up on him. Either way look for the Bears to bring in someone via free agency or the draft, to compete with youngsters in Bobby Wade and Justin Gage.

With more and more teams having high powered offenses, and subject defenses it gives a team like the Bears a great chance at succeeding. Especially in the NFC, where teams rise and fall at unprecedented standards.


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