Week Two Wonders

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Week two had that usual dramatic appeal that we all have come to love in the NFL. The great plays, hits, and fourth quarter play. Fired up coaches and players, and the comical replacement referees. There were not too many prolific individual performers that jump out on a given week, but there are still some that played way above what their season weekly average will be.


Brandon Weeden
Talk about a reversal for Weeden. He looked like he might take a full season to properly adjust to the NFL. Kind of like what use to be the trend for a rookie quarterback. All it takes is a solid running game for a rookie or veteran for that matter to be relaxed. As long as Trent Richardson is able to rush the football like he did Sunday, Weeden will feel less pressure but his issues with turnovers are not going to disappear completely. Cincinnati’s pass defense has a ways to go. Weeden will be tested all year vs. the Baltimore Ravens, Steelers, and plethora of other tough defenses.

Matt Cassel
And the winner for garbage fantasy points of the week goes to……Matt Cassel. With the Chiefs down 35-3 in the fourth quarter, Cassel came out firing like the Chiefs were down by a field goal. He hit Dwayne Bowe for two touchdowns and ended up eclipsing the three hundred yard mark. Cassel in the Chiefs look like they are in a world of hurting again, after starting the season with two straight blowout losses.

Mike Vick
Vick makes this list based on his turnover rate to start the year. For how poor the Eagles have played they have managed to squeak out two victories. If those games would have been losses, Vick’s five interceptions to start the year would have been magnified by the media. He’ll calm things down and the team will adjust as whole and rally behind Vick.

Running Backs

Lamar Miller
Miami ran wild all over the Raiders defense even with quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Daniel Thomas missed the game but will remain a big part of the Dolphins backfield. Reggie Bush had twenty six carries and a field day as well. This backfield is dynamic and maybe Miami can use all three backs to keep things simplified for Tannehill and allow for growth. Miller is one of those backs you can stash for a rainy day if you have the roster spots available to do so. Other than that, his fantasy point total this week will likely be his high for the season.

CJ Spiller
It’s not that CJ Spiller won’t have great value but at the rate he is doing it is in question. He is averaging a ridiculous amount per carry, because he has broken off long gainers in both games this season. His carries have not eclipsed fifteen in either game. He is definitely the leagues new home run back but will it tail off, and how will Fred Jackson affect Spiller upon his return?

Wide Receiver

Brandon Tate
Tate reappeared after being yet another forgotten receiver that has departed New England. Andy Dalton is a capable quarterback of spreading the football around, but they are not going to dazzle the league weekly with points. You’re probably looking at a team that may average in the high teens to low twenties at best. Dalton is also not going to be in the top fifteen for touchdown throws by a quarterback. That lessens the value of a receiver especially a third such as Tate.

Mike Williams
Williams makes a repeat entry into the wonders category. He just does not perform for full four quarters as a receiver should. Maybe these two touchdowns the last two weeks will turn things around, but he just does not get enough catches to make him a fantasy starter. If he isn’t scoring touchdowns he is not worth starting. Unless he scores sixteen touchdowns that just isn’t going to happen. He has had five catches this year and two for touchdowns.

Dante Rosario
All Rosario did was infuriate all the Antonio Gates owners out there. Tennessee didn’t want to cover Rosario in the red zone thinking that he can’t catch the ball or without Gates the Chargers do not have a tight end. Obviously Rosario will not repeat a three touchdown performance. Keep an eye on Gates though as the injury history is prevalent every year.


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