Week Two Quarterback Fantasy Points Range

Twitter Questions@Cimini
1 Tom Brady Mid Twenties
2 Cam Newton Low Twenties
3 Drew Brees High Teens
4 Tony Romo High Teens
5 RG3 High Teens
6 Philip Rivers High Teens
7 Matt Stafford High Teens
8 Mike Vick Mid to High Teens
9 Ben Roethlisberger Mid to High Teens
10 Matt Ryan Mid to High Teens
11 Matt Cassel Mid to High Teens
12 Ryan Fitzpatrick Mid to High Teens
13 Peyton Manning Mid Teens
14 Joe Flacco Mid Teens
15 Alex Smith Mid Teens
16 Andrew Luck Mid Teens
17 Matt Schaub Mid Teens
18 Andy Dalton Low to Mid Teens
19 Blaine Gabbert Low to Mid Teens
20 Eli Manning Low to Mid Teens
21 Kevin Kolb Low to Mid Teens
22 Mark Sanchez Low Teens
23 Carson Palmer Low Teens
24 Josh Freeman Low Teens
25 Christian Ponder Low Teens
The rest twelve points or under


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