Week Two Sit Em’s

Week Two Sit Em’s

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You’re prepared for your waiver wire moves that will go through tonight in your leagues. Knocking on the door are your official lineups for week two. Obviously teams that are considering Patriots or Jets players in their lineups need to submit just over twenty four hours.

Here is a breakdown of player’s to sit for week three. Starters will be unveiled before the end of the week.


Sam Bradford-
The Rams did a great job battling back at home down double digits in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately they’re facing a Falcons team that is as potent as they come at home. If Atlanta jumps out to a big home lead like they’re capable of, it could spell trouble for Bradford. He shouldn’t be a starter in your fantasy league anyways, but those that have two middle tier quarterbacks will have to opt for their other option this week.

Based on his week one performance it looked like Griffin will need at least two more games to get settled in. The Redskins kept him in the pocket to prevent any hits or unnecessary scrambles against the Eagles. Green Bay’s defense gave up 34 points to San Francisco, but played much better than the end result. They’re an aggressive bunch that should capitalize on inaccurate throws from RG3.

Ryan Tannehill
Miami does not want to get into a weekly spot where Tannehill is having to throw the football near 40 times a game. They need to get the running game going or it’s going to put too much pressure on Tannehill on the road for back to back weeks. Look for Tannehill’s numbers to come down sharply from his week one output.

Running Backs

Benjarvus Green-Ellis
Cincinnati suffered from a large lead against Chicago that they relinquished because of a lack of fire power in the backfield. Green-Ellis’s days may be numbered just like Cedric Benson’s were as a Bengal. For all the slack the Steelers caught for their week one performance, their defense was strong. The Bengals may find themselves like the Giants searching for a free agent running back to boost an ineffective ground game.

There are a plethora of issues in Jacksonville, and this year I don’t think even MJD can bypass them. He was stifled week one by a tough Kansas City Chiefs defense. Things may not get any better against a young and underrated Raiders defense. Teams are not afraid of the Jaguars passing attack and will load the box until Justin Blackmon returns.

DeMarco Murray
Murray at this point is turning into a Felix Jones 2.0. He burst onto the scene with a monster 200 yard game his rookie season that pushed out Jones, and catapulted Murray to a heralded position last season. That caved quickly with poor performances and injuries. It looks like the Cowboys are honing back Murray’s burden to keep him healthy. He is a borderline number two fantasy back and likely won’t crack the top ten for weekly fantasy backs much this year.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

James Jones-
I was not impressed with Jones’s week one efforts against the 49ers. Call the 49ers one of the best defenses all you want. Jones has one of if not the best quarterback in the league that had to stop looking his way because of an early drop that resulted in an interception. Rodgers is a winner and looked to Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb the rest of the game. This may linger for a few weeks and will impact Jones numbers until he makes a big play.

Steve Smith Panthers-
Week one results are infamous for overreactions. But one team that I believe is in a dire state is Carolina. If the Panthers are in the middle of the second quarter and struggling offensively, you can forget about a strong second half. Smith is a veteran now but it wasn’t too long ago that he was known as a hot headed receiver. I don’t see Newton and the Panthers having a bounce back week on the road against a strong Bills defense.

Greg Jennings- Minnesota Vikings
The Bears defense knows Jennings all too well from his days with the Packers. Tim Jennings and Peanut Tillman may have been roasted by AJ Green week one, but they’ll get back to their proper shut down ways week two against Jennings. Minnesota has had a tendency to over pay for receivers and that’s what they’ve done with Jennings.

Brandon Pettigrew
Arizona is going to have their hands full with the Lions potent offense that has Reggie Bush to its arsenal now. A year ago when the Lions traveled to Arizona, the Cardinals scored several defensive touchdowns as Matt Stafford continued to force balls. Stafford was a bit dinged up as the season wound down, and looked as if he was care free with the Lions dismal record. I don’t see the Lions offense being held back but I do see Pettigrew continuing to struggle.


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