Week Two Automatic Starters

Week Two Starts


Did you make a crucial mistake in week one by starting a player you shouldn’t have? It happens to all of us. Predicting and looking at matchups is never easy. I’ve named some players to sit this week for week two, and now here is a look at positional players too start for week two.


EJ Manuel
The Bills did a great job in making things simple for Manuel in his matchup against the Patriots. At home again this week, I look for Manuel to have an even better game against a suspect Panthers defense. Manuel’s accuracy has been solid and his decision making sound from what he has shown in limited preseason action and last week.

Josh Freeman
I was down on Freeman week one but on the season overall I wrote a preseason column that he shouldn’t be overlooked as your fantasy backup quarterback. Here is a great week for Freeman to showcase his fantasy assets. Greg Schiano and the Buccaneers are limiting Freeman when they can. Against the Jets the offense was too simplistic with basic runs and quick slants. This week the Bucs will have no choice but to run and gun against the Saints if they want to keep up in the game. Look for Freeman to shine and be a top ten fantasy quarterback this week.

Terrelle Pryor
Motivation in a sport is the root of everything. Jacksonville as a team may be at rock bottom already. Pryor on the other hand appears ready to flourish. He was always a winner at Ohio State, and it appears he used the last few years on the Raiders to fully commit himself. His passing skills are not the best but the Raiders have an intemix of packages to keep defenses honest. Pryor should have himself another heck of a game.

Others: Jay Cutler, Alex Smith, and Brandon Weeden

Running Backs

Ryan Matthews
Just a few years ago Matthews was considered not only a top fantasy back sleeper but was drafted as a top tier back. He wasn’t able to fill LT’s shoes but still remains the Chargers sole viable running back. Ronnie Brown is cemented as a complimentary back at his age and will not over take Matthews. That lives prime games of favorable matchups in Matthews favor. This week is one of those games against an Eagles team that should be vulnerable against the run all season long.

Vick Ballard
Ballard’s role with the Colts is still undefined as the use of Ahmad Bradshaw remains unclear. Ballard though is the best back the Colts have, and I expect the Colts to use him more and more like they did to end last season. Miami’s a balanced defense but they have to pick their poison with the Colts. Their focus will be on shutting down Andrew Luck and the Colts passing attack. That’ll leave running lanes for Ballard to have a big day and get into the endzone.

Steven Jackson
There is no doubt that Jackson has had his calendar circled for quite some time. The Rams did not want to utilize Jackson as a one man back anymore, and left the door open for Jackson to go elsewhere. He did and had an unspectacular week one performance as a Falcon. The Falcons were not balanced offensively that game and will surely put together a more effective game plan at home.

Others: Eddie Lacy and Monte Ball

Wide Receivers and Tight Ends

Kyle Williams
Anquan Boldin can’t do it himself every week. Williams seems the best suited to step up on a consistent basis out of all the 49ers role player receivers. He has the speed and chemistry with Kaepernick to be a solid fantasy sleeper. This week will be the first of many that Williams steps up unexpectedly.

Jared Cook
The Rams used Cook heavily in the preseason and rolled it over into week one. If it weren’t for a Tyrann Mathiue chase, Cook would have scored three touchdowns in week one. Defensive coordinators have game planned for Cook as if he were the same under utilized tight end from Tennessee. The Rams have other plans for Cook and are using him like a top five tight end.

Davone Bess
No one could have been pleased watching how poorly the Ravens secondary was lit up in the second half by the Denver Broncos. In all areas from both corner spots to safety coverage and even drop back coverage by the linebackers, the Ravens could not do anything right. This should be a high scoring affair where the Ravens try to win the game with their offense. With Cleveland without Gordon, Davone Bess will have some more balls thrown his way by Brandon Weeden.

Others: Michael Floyd, Rod Streater, and Brian Hartline


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