Week Two Analysis

By Zack Cimini

How about the Washington Redskins? That fun n gun offense is working out great for them, and for many fantasy football teams as well. Their division rivals in the Giants and Eagles both suffered losses, and now they are on top of the division. With the way the Eagles offense is looking, it might be a race just between the Giants and Redskins. You can?t count out the Cowboys either, especially if Quincy Carter can play consistent.

The main focus on week two was horrible special teams play. It cost the Giants and Buccaneers their games. It has to be hard on players, when their kicker comes out and can?t come through, especially in these two situations. Both offenses drove their teams down the field for touchdowns, and the pressure wasn?t even on the kickers. All Martin Grammatica had to do was make a routine extra point, and all Matt Bryant had to do was kick a football off. It wasn?t like they were on the field to kick a 52-yard field goal as time expired.

Of course you can?t forget Cedric Wilson?s bonehead mistake. Before the play even happened he knew that he didn?t have time to run all over the field. There really was no excuse for what he did, and that type of mistake kills teams. You can bet if that had been Terrell Owens, he would have gone straight down.

Offensively, Jamal Lewis was by far the fantasy football player of the week. His fantasy football points has to be the highest ever for a running back. In our league the person that had Lewis received 51 points for his performance. It was a good thing I didn?t play that team this week.

What did you all think of Marc Bulger?s performance? In my opinion it wasn?t that great, but he got the job done and won the game. Early on he struggled, but he managed to play better in the second half. The game turned around once Marshall Faulk broke off a 20 yard run, and they started running it more. Warner definitely still deserves a shot, but it doesn?t look like he?ll get it.

There has been a great change up in the AFC. Coming in everyone thought Miami, Oakland, and Tennessee were the powerhouses. Well Buffalo, Kansas City, and Indianapolis are proving that they are the teams to be reckoned with. It is going to be one of the best years ever to watch a playoff race, because the AFC is loaded.


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