Week One Wonders

By Zack Cimini

There weren?t too many surprise players in week one. Two of the big ones came from Arizona, and we?ll break down a couple of others.


Jay Fiedler: His three touchdown passes equaled a career game high. If Chris Chambers can continue to be a deep threat, he may have a few more this season. In all reality though, the Dolphins will get back to using Ricky Williams as a horse.

David Carr: His yardage total was normal, but there won?t be too many weeks that you see him not throw an interception.

Jeff Blake: Blake?s performance was outstanding, and he should have a top ten season statistically as a quarterback. His won?t have another game like this, but if he stays healthy he will put up great numbers.

Running Backs

Moe Williams: Williams carried the load for the Vikings, but don?t expect him to get over twenty carries again. The Vikings are going to break in Onterrio Smith this week, and also use Doug Chapman more.

Wide Receivers

Anquan Boldin: Obviously it?ll be hard for Boldin to ever do what he did in week one again. A receiver has that type of performance, once every three years. One thing is obvious, is that Jeff Blake found his go to guy. Keep an eye on Bryant Johnson, because he will get more playing time as well. If Boldin continues to burn teams, they will double him, and that?ll give Johnson plenty of looks.

Jermaine Lewis: Talk about a player that keeps bouncing from team to team. When he scores touchdowns, they are always on big plays. He could stay a threat until Jimmy Smith returns from his suspension.


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