Week Two Wonders

by Zack Cimini

Here are this week?s wonders.


Vinny Testaverde:
The Jets game was so ineffective that Testaverde had to throw the football over 50 times. People are doubting Curtis Martin, but he has just had a rough start to the season. There won?t be another game that Testaverde throws for over 300 yards.

Jon Kitna:
Kitna always tests fantasy football owners. He is always good for four to five great fantasy football games, but you never know when it?s going to happen. This week it happened against a solid Raiders defense. The Bengals have a talented group of receivers, so Kitna should be an effective fantasy backup quarterback.

Brad Johnson:
Here is another quarterback that threw way more than he usually does. The Buccaneers are getting absolutely no production from the ex Cardinal running backs, and it?s putting the burden on the shoulders of Johnson. He did what he could do but the Buccaneers are going to be in trouble, if he has to throw to win games.

Running Backs

Trung Canidate:
Canidate finally showed signs that fantasy football owners have been looking for. But it is obvious that the Redskins are going to use Betts just as much. Canidate could be a Warrick Dunn type player if he would get some catches out of the backfield.

Moe Williams:
Williams has had two great games to start off the season, but don?t jump on his wagon just yet. Onterrio Smith saw his first action of the season, and stole a little of the spotlight away from Williams. If Smith continues to shine, expect more and more carries to go to him. Williams is still a very solid option though, because he will get you touchdowns. 150 yards is a little too much for Williams, I?d expect him to get around sixty to eighty total yards a game.

Wide Receivers

Dallas Clark:
Sure he is a great young tight end, but people are talking too much about him too early in his career. The Colts still have Marcus Pollard, and most of Clark?s yardage last week came on one catch. Clark will be a great one in the future but not now.

Dane Locker:
The third receiver in the Rams offense usually puts up solid stats. Locker is playing the Az Hakim role right now, but he isn?t as dynamic as Hakim. Locker probably had his best game of the season last week, and isn?t even worth considering even if you are desperate at wide receiver.


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