Week Twelve Spread Selections

By Zack Cimini


We delivered with yet another .500 week. Making it ten of eleven weeks where we have delivered for our readers. There’s nothing like the last week of November. Getting your NFL wins early on Thanksgiving. Trending the last handful of turkey days, there have been quite a few blowouts. We believe we’ve got the green light on a 3-0 start, as well as a great lineup of week twelve selections.

Last Week’s Record: 8-8

Overall Record: 84-73-4


New England -6.5- Over the years the Lions have been abysmal on Thanksgiving. They could make this one a tad bit interesting than past blowouts. Once halftime concludes and the second half begins we believe the Patriots will pull away for an easy victory.

Dallas +3.5- This team is believing more and more with Jason Garrett. Talent has never been a question in Dallas. Accountability has. Garrett seems to be doing that.

Cincinnati +8.5- As bad as the Bengals have been playing, the Jets have failed to cover the last three weeks against subpar teams. Houston, Cleveland, and Detroit. Heading to overtime in two of the three. If Carson Palmer could ever go a game without throwing multiple interceptions this team would easily be .500. Maybe this will be the game he tones his picks down.

Washington -1.5- The Redskins are still in contention by the slimmest of chances. This will be a battle of quarterbacks that have faced their share of adversity inside and outside the locker room. Part of McNabb’s tenure as a quarterback is he finds a way to get his team to the playoffs. It’ll be a tough feat with his surrounding talent but he may just get them there.

Buffalo +6.5- It should be blistering cold and a grind it out battle in Buffalo. Running the football is going to be the main factor. Don’t look at last week’s blowout of Oakland as an automatic indicator of back to back easy blowouts for Pitt. Buffalo has played everyone tough this year. Ryan Fitzpatrick deserves some praise for stepping in and rallying this team.

Houston- With the embroiled on and off again battle between Vince Young and Jeff Fisher, the rest of the season looks to be dreadful for Tennessee. Chris Johnson’s been overworked and hasn’t came close to living up to expectations. Rusty Smith will get a start and be a top target for Houston to resurface in the AFC South.

New York Giants -7- Jacksonville’s staved off Jack Del Rio’s firing, and David Garrard’s seat on the bench with their November ride. This is the time where reality sets in. Jacksonville has holes galore surrounding their team, and happened to catch a few breaks to gather some wins. New York’s coming off a mistake ridden game that cost them a divisional victory. Were thinking Garrard’s three interception performance last week, won’t conclude a victory this time around.

Cleveland – How fast things have declined in Carolina. A few seasons ago they were hosting a divisional round playoff game against the Cardinals. Since Jake Delhomme’s epic meltdown this team has lost its identity all together. Now they’ll be ripped apart by an emerging Browns team.

Tampa Bay +7.5- This line has a lot more to do with non Tampa believers than it does with actuality. Baltimore has been hyped up too much in our books. Besides Anquan Boldin they’ve had a tough time finding a reliable receiver. Ahem, TJ Houshmanzadeh…Donte Stallworth. Derrick Mason’s made some big catches here and there but he is not a second receiver anymore. Thus, Joe Flacco has struggled to put together a complete game. Tampa hangs around in games and will get some big plays through the passing game with Mike Williams.

Philadelphia -3- All we have to say is Jay Cutler. This will be a game where Martz will have to do more than call a few quick slants to Jonny Knox and Devin Hester. Philadelphia will be ready for the Martz dink and dump approach. Their lack of talented receivers is going to make this an easy fare for the Eagles. Blowout city.

Green Bay +2- The Packers came into the year in a lot of minds as favorites in the NFC. They went through a tough stretch of losses mainly due to injuries. Somehow they’ve managed to piece their team together and look like contenders again. Atlanta may have that infamous one loss at home with Matt Ryan starting, but it’s headed for two this weekend.

Oakland- Miami doesn’t want to run the football for some reason and would rather drop back and throw without Brandon Marshall in the lineup. The play calling against Chicago may have ruined their season. Oakland on the other hand is going to go back to their bread and butter. Running the football. They should do it well, as Miami has had a tough time stopping the run lately.

Seattle +1.5- Probably one of the tougher games to call this week. You really can’t get a firm grasp of what these two teams are capable of. They’ve both had their struggles but have also had great weeks as well. Will rate this one in the hands of the home team, Seattle. It’s getting closer to December and this latest cold front has caused some snow and poor weather up in the Northwest.

Denver -4- This games a test of whether of not Josh McDaniels has his team aboard or not. They’ve taken a few drubbings and whispers are circulating on whether McDaniels has control of this team. A home game against the Rams is a good way to find out.

San Diego +3- The way Philip Rivers is playing he is willing his team to victories. His been down this road so many times that he knows what it takes to revitalize a team. With Vincent Jackson back it’s just what the doctor ordered for Philip Rivers. He is a surgeon right now the way he is slicing and dicing up secondaries. After this game he’ll be the clear front runner for MVP.

San Francisco -1- Monday night ratings have to be plummeting with these horrific matchups. No one cares to watch this one but they’ll be plenty of money riding on it. Frank Gore has some of his biggest games against the Cardinals. It’ll be another breakout game for him and Ken Whisenhunt’s name will have to surface on the hot seat.



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