Fantasy Basketball: Hot Pickups 11/24

By Zack Cimini

How many waiver wire moves have you made in your fantasy basketball leagues? With injuries, players getting benched, and poor production overall, it’s a must to keep tabs daily on available players. We have a roster full of talent mentioned in this weeks pickups. More than likely they are probably available in your leagues.


Donte Greene- Part of the change over in Paul Westphal’s starting lineup has Greene back in it. The former Cuse player was buried on the Kings bench, not mustering a minute for a handful of games. Westphal disliked his uninspired play and work ethic. That seemed to have triggered Greene to regain his focus. At 6’9, Greene can be a fantasy rotisserie league gem. He shoots the three, can block shots, steals, and go off on any given night. He just needs to stay on the floor.

Luther Head- The Kings have reshuffled the lineup in hopes of finding a spark. One move has put Beno Udrih on the bench and Head in the starting lineup. This may not last but Head is getting over thirty minutes a game. He has struggled from three so far, but has proven in the past to be solid from there. If you’re struggling for three pointers made you may want to snag Head.

Kris Humphries- Apparently Avery Johnson has Troy Murphy in his dog house. Murphy has battled a plethora of injuries and barely made it on the court this season. After searching for a player to fill that spot, Johnson seems to have found it in Humphries. Humphries does the dirty work that Brook Lopez tends to refrain from. By that we mean rebounding. Humphries seems to be a waiver wire gem, tracking double doubles consistently lately.

Eric Dampier- How much Dampier can provide is up in the air. What is a fact is that the Heat have no true big man that can play 25 minutes a game. Ilgauskus is good for around the fifteen to seventeen minute mark. With Haslem out, Dampier can come in and try to fill those double double stats of Haslems.

Jeff Teague- His preseason injury derailed him from challenging Mike Bibby as starter. Many analysts had Teague on their watchful player tracker. He hasn’t done anything dazzling yet, but it’s only a matter of time. We believe the Hawks will lean more on Teague in the latter parts of December and flirt with the switch before All-Star break.

CJ Miles- Miles has found a perfect sixth man role for himself. He is igniting the Jazz offensively and putting up starters numbers off the bench. Will see how long this lasts. Miles has had peaks in stretches before. Problem in the past was his minutes, which were shared at times with Ronnie Brewer and others. Now that the bench is full of youth, Miles is the primary weapon.

Jose Calderon- With Jarret Jack being traded, Calderon’s minutes will increase back to the past few years. In prior seasons he was notching near eight to nine assists a game. A crucial category for rotisserie league owners. Worried about Jerryd Bayless grabbing minutes, don’t be. Bayless is young and has had a hard time adjusting to the rigorous grind of the NBA. He’ll need more time to mature.


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