Week 13 Spread Selections

By Zack Cimini


Turkey day did us well, and hopefully for the majority of you as well. The month of December is upon us. Bowl games, playoff pictures shaping up, and fantasy playoffs. It’s one of the best months of the year for football fans. Don’t free fall the bankroll you’ve built up all season. Let us guide you to some solid bets and stay away from games.


Last Week’s Record: 8-8

Overall Record: 92-81-4


Houston +8.5- Vick’s made it look easy all season long, now he’ll have to bounce back from a loss. We anticipate him having a rougher go at it to start this one off. Houston’s defensive line can pose some issues for Vick. In the end though it’ll be the air attack that from Vick that gets this win.

Buffalo +5.5- The Bills are underrated every week by Vegas. They’ve got great team chemistry but just can’t get a win. Until they fail miserably we will keep taking the points with them.

Miami -4.5- When you tick off a quarterback you like to see them respond the way Henne did last week. After being benched and wrote off, he came out and got it done without Brandon Marshall as a weapon. All Miami has to do is shut down Peyton Hillis and this will be a blowout.

Jacksonville- Regardless if it’s Kerry Collins at quarterback, there is no saving this Titans team. Remember Collins orchestrated to their 0-6 start last season.

Kansas City -9- McDaniels lost control of this team and likely will lose his job at the end of the season. The dink and dump looked so great early on in the year. What it does though is create a liability to rush their defense back on the field. They have no running game after making the bone headed trade of shipping Peyton Hillis.

Washington +7- Just when you’re ready to count out the Redskins they pull off a win out of no where. They’re a .500 team at best but hang tough in most games. Only against Philadelphia were they truly blown out.

Detroit – Do we trust Jay Cutler……no? We’d like to see Shaun Hill out there for this game, but if not Drew Stanton has experience and will likely have ten points to spare with.

Green bay -9.5- For whatever reason the Cardinals made the 49ers look like the NFL’s best. Reality comes back this week as the Packers will show them what a true contender looks like. Brian Westbrook becomes a feature back for the first time in a year and a half. Troy Smith’s inaccurate throws won’t just hit the ground versus the Packers.

New Orleans -7- It’s a game of turnovers in the NFL. Carson Palmer and the Bengals are good for an average of two to three a game. New Orleans will capitalize off of those and will predict they’re all from Carson Palmer’s arm.

Atlanta -3- They played Tampa Bay just a few weeks ago and won the game handily. They seem to be even better over the last three to four weeks. Pulling off major wins that has them destined for a home field advantage. Tampa is free falling fast. Another loss and their chances at making the playoffs is pretty much done.

San Diego -13- Oakland looked like they had a shot at something special when they ran all over Denver. Then the woes at quarterback began. No matter if it’s Campbell or Gradkowski they can’t find the rhythm that was there early on. This game goes back to a good old fashioned Chargers whooping over the Raiders.

Seattle -6- Seattle needs this to keep pace with the Rams. It’s a perfect matchup for them but they must stop the run. The Panthers have a good duel backfield with Stewart and Goodson. Last week the Seahawks were exposed by Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.

Dallas +5- Peyton Manning usually responds to criticism better than 90 percent of the NFL. It’s hard to do that when your team is in such poor shape with injuries. Dallas has too much talent to let Manning rip them apart by himself.

St. Louis -3- You’ve got to slate the Rams as the favorites to win the division. Their defense has rose up to the occasion, and Sam Bradford is playing better than any rookie has in a long time. Remember he stepped in and started from week one.

Baltimore -3- You can guarantee this spread will likely be dead on. All fares against the Ravens and Steelers have been close. Coming down to the last minute and decided by a field goal. There is no real advantage from a bettors standpoint. Keep the money in your pocket and try to win a prop bet on the game.

New York Jets +3.5- The Jets aren’t going to let Danny Woodhead beat them. They’ll take the Cleveland Browns philosophy and pound the ball down their throats. Expect heavy dosages from Shonn Greene and LT.


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