Week Three Fantasy Starters

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If you’re a Reggie Wayne owner, than you should be grinning going into your fantasy matchups. Here are some other names to consider that you may be pondering starting for week three.


Jay Cutler-

Cutler is just one of those athletes media heads can circle and create a story no matter what. The fact of the matter is Cutler has led this Bears team to strong starts the past two seasons. In 2010 he led them to the NFC Championship game, and last year they had seven wins before Cutler went down to injury for the year. This is a talented Bears team that will move past Thursday’s performance and have a big game against St. Louis.

Philip Rivers

Travel affects even the best of teams. Atlanta is coming off a strong Monday Night performance and gets to travel to San Diego. The defense has been unable to hold up for four full quarters in any of the first two games this season. Kansas City had their way in the first half of game one, and Denver had a strong fourth quarter Monday Night. Philip Rivers gets Ryan Matthews back, and has quietly had a solid start to the 2012 season. He’ll have no problem throwing the football around against Atlanta’s secondary.

Kevin Kolb-

This is the game where Kolb can seperate himself from John Skelton for good. The Cardinals play well at home, and their defense is playing as a top five unit in the NFL. This game has extra motivation for Kolb as he was traded away to Arizona in favor of Mike Vick as the successor to McNabb. Who knows if McNabb didn’t push for Vick to get another chance in Philadelphia if this would be Kolb’s team right now. All Kolb has to do is take what the Eagles defense gives him and he should have a strong fantasy day. Fitzgerald’s height against the smaller Eagles defensive backs should favor for his first big game of the season.

Matt Schaub-

Schaub has been non existent practically from a fantasy standpoint, as the Texans pound the football with Ben Tate and Arian Foster. This game the Texans will have to open things up through the air. Schaub and Andre Johnson have been waiting for a game like this. Insert Schaub in in deeper leagues this week.

Running Backs

CJ Spiller-

Spiller is finally paying off for the high draft pick the Bills spent on him. The injury woes of Fred Jackson the past year and a half have led to the emergence of Spiller. That and the Bills offensive line does a great job at creating holes for Spiller to take advantage of. The longer Jackson stays nicked up t more Spiller’s value permanately increases.

Jonathan Dwyer-

Oakland is another poor game away from becoming the NFL’s talked about woeful team on a weekly basis. It’ll happen, and the Steelers will do it in their typical smash mouth style. Lots and lots of runs, with Dwyer sneaking in for a couple short yardage scampers.

Kevin Smith-

A few things to like with Smith is you know the Lions are going to feed him the football. He is a tough runner that also gets opportunities with PPR and receiving yards. Based upon his involvement in the offense, he is almost a sure fire lock to get ten fantasy points a week. This week that should be boosted facing the Titans and likelihood of a rushing touchdown.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Reggie Wayne-

Wayne having a big day against Jacksonville is about as easy as it comes for anticipating a big fantasy day. Since 2007 Wayne has racked up a seasons worth of stats in his ten starts. We are talking massive performances. It’s like the black mamba, Kobe Bryant, knowing he is playing the Phoenix Suns. Something about facing the Jaguars brings out the best in Reggie Wayne.

Scott Chandler-

With Joe Haden out due to suspension the shift of focus is going to drift on more attention to Stevie Johnson. Chandler is already Fitzpatrick’s second favorite target, and he’ll be able to thread the ball plenty of times to Chandler in this week three matchup. Expect a solid five to six PPR points to go along with Chandler’s average of around fifty to sixty yards receiving.

Robert Meachem-

Meachem is likely not even on anyone’s fantasy list for a possible starter this week, after his donut score in the statbox last week. Meachem gets to face off against the Atlanta Falcons this week, who have been susceptible through the air. San Diego will likely design a few pass plays specifically for Meachem to get him involved. He also has a solid history of producing versus the Falcons. Last year as a Saint in two games vs the Falcons he had a mid teen average with touchdowns in both games, and in 2010 he had a ten catch hundred yard game as well.

Michael Crabtree-

With the offense of the 49ers increasing to a level not seen in over five years, everyone has seen the results of this. Vernon Davis has leaped ahead into a top three fantasy tight end, and Michael Crabtree is suddenly a weekly fantasy starter option as a third receiver. Facing Minnesota should continue the trend for the offense flourishing. While the attention is on Randy Moss’s minimal plays on the field, it’s Crabtree that should be garnering more attention with his play.


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