Week Three Sit Em

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Blaine Gabbert
After a preseason in which Gabbert showed promising signs he has had a mixed start in the first two games of the year. This year he will grow, but it’s going to take the course of the season for that to happen. That means his fantasy relevance likely will not occur until the last five to six games of the season.

Mike Vick
Those waiting for Vick to break out of his mini slump and explode on the Sunday fantasy stat tracker are going to have to wait another week. The Cardinals are right up there in the NFL for the way they like to attack defensively. They’re prepared every week, and they’ll cause havoc for Mike Vick.

Tony Romo
How do Tony Romo and the Cowboys usually follow up a disappointing loss? Based on the past seasons you could anticipate a home let down this week. Romo typically is one of those quarterbacks that stats are easy to fill. After Tampa Bay let the Giants pile up yardage, I expect them to have a tougher mentality defensively.

Mark Sanchez
It’ll be hard to find the handful of games that Sanchez will be a relevant fantasy contributor. Miami has some newfound confidence as a team after destroying the Oakland Raiders. The Jets and Dolphins have a history of playing tight close games. This one will be no different. Sanchez will have in the low 200 yard passing range with one touchdown

Running Backs

Chris Johnson
Johnson has been what you could label as “The fantasy bust of the year” thus far. It’s a long season but the Titans offensive line does not look as if they’re going to help him out too much. The good news is the Titans have abandoned the running game early in their first two games, so when Johnson’s big game comes he may get near 30 carries. Detroit’s stout defensive front will make that a tough option week three.

Jamaal Charles
Kansas City is doing the right thing with how they’re bringing along Charles after his serious injury a year ago. With that being said, the Chiefs offense has been woeful. They did not score a touchdown against the Bills until they were down 35-3. The offense is just not in sync. Maybe Todd Haley was right wanting to bench Cassel during his tenure as head coach.

Marshawn Lynch
The game is coming where Lynch is going to truly have to do it on his own to get any type of yards. Luckily for the Seahawks they jumped out to a 10-0 lead thanks to special teams against the Cowboys. Facing Green Bay is going to be a tougher challenge. The Packers are at home and have not had the fluid offense we have come to expect. They’ll have a full ten days in between their Thursday game against Chicago and Monday’s against Seattle. They’ll be ready to force Wilson into bad decisions and halt Lynch.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Donnie Avery-
Sometimes when an athlete sees a certain team on the schedule they just know they’re in for a great game. That is the case with Reggie Wayne. Last year was an off year as a whole for the Colts. Ignoring that year, Wayne has wreaked havoc on the Jagaurs secondary. In 2010, he had well over 200 yards receiving in the two combined games, and in 2009 over 300 yards, as well as in 2008 and 2007. The chances for Avery having a big game with Wayne may have happened with Peyton but not with Luck.

Danny Amendola-
Lovie Smith and the Bears do a solid job weekly at attempting to limit your strengths. They’re one of the few teams that limits the Packers offensively each outing. St. Louis has never been a monster offensive team but last week they racked up a great game led by Sam Bradford versus Washington. Amendola had a career day and caught the eyes of many. The law of averages and a great Bears game plan will limit him to under five catches.

Tony Gonzalez
Gonzalez’s stats have grown as Matt Ryan’s comfort and adaptation to NFL speed has adjusted as well. Gonzalez resurgence can be traced solely to his unwavering work ethic. The first two games of this year he has not disappointed either. Father time is ticking though for Gonzalez and you have to wonder if the rigorous nature of the football season will get to him this year. Gonzalez is on the tail end of age 36 and will be 37 in February. Travel usually hampers even young athletes. The shortened week and far trip to San Diego will lead to a down week for Gonzalez. Expect around forty yards receiving without a touchdown.


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