Week Six: You've Got To Be Kidding Me

If there were fantasy football police, the lineup of athletes would be ridiculous. Week Six involved a gargantuan overflow of athletes that had you screaming, YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!


Jake Delhomme
We’re starting to think there was a reason he was a backup for as long as he was. Delhomme has fallen into a zone of making horrible passes. Instead of handing the football off to Stephen Davis, he was handing the game to the Detroit Lions. He took an unfortunate hit late in the game, but for Panther fans that may have been a good thing. If he would have stayed in, he likely would have made yet another game ending interception to the other team.

Vinny Testaverde
He should force the Jets to go out and find a quarterback. To do that he would have to end his career, but it’s a decision he should make. Every time he steps out he adds a more of a darkening look to his career. The Jets try to use him more as a shield, knowing that he knows the game and not to make mistakes. The problem is that the NFL can’t revolve every week with a quarterback being safe guarded. Vinny tried to get the Jets back in the game against the Bills, but didn’t have the tools. He threw a disastrous interception that would have positioned the Jets back to their game plan. Instead it ended it.

Tommy Maddox
Oh, did he make Bill Cowher and the entire Steelers team pissed. Vince McMahon may want to try to recruit him for the XFL2, because that’s Maddox level of play right now.

Running Backs

Lamont Jordan
The plus was that he got your fantasy team two scores. The negatives though continue to outweigh the sleeper expectations of Jordan. He doesn’t get enough carries to know if his yards per carry are truthful. The image we get will continue until he gets twenty plus carries in one game. Knowing the Raiders that’ll never happen.

Thomas Jones
He wasn’t even expected to play, but did that and much more. Jones was underrated last year when he played, and continues to be. He has been a top ten fantasy back this year, and may be for years to come if he can land on a different team. The unclearness of his status against Minnesota, forced a lot of owners not to start him. His two touchdowns and decent yardage, sure made plenty of owners grumble more than the words, you’ve got to be kidding me.

Domanick Davis
He did get a touchdown reception, but owners didn’t draft him for that. They drafted him to be worthy of a first round fantasy football running back. The offense has sputtered all year. Furthermore their terrible offensive line has finally caught up with hurting the overall functioning of the team. Davis can no longer be looked as a top ten back until that gets resolved.

Wide Receivers

Randy Moss
Nothing is worse than getting hurt when the game has barely started. The seriousness of Moss’s injury is unknown, but we all know his prior histories with nagging injuries. At least Doug Gabriel and Joey Porter may finally step up in the statistical department.

Amani Toomer
The emergence and presence of Plaxico Burress along with Jeremy Shockey has not changed the tune for Toomer. Toomer will need to pick it up soon, or the Giants will be spending their first round pick on a receiver. People complained last year so much on Eli Manning, but maybe it was actually his cast of receivers starring Toomer and Ike Hilliard.

Lavernues Coles
Each week that Santana Moss blows out Coles statistically just points out how much the Redskins have won in their trade. Coles can’t catch a break this season, and needs to bring life to the Jets passing game.


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