Quarterbacking Turnovers

The constant switch of emotions on Sunday were escalated rapidly by the amount of turnovers. It didn’t matter which game you were watching on the dish. The trail of turnovers had a boomerang latitude swirl. For a change, the majority of the turnovers didn’t have to do with sloppy plays. Defenses were just forceful in pursuit as well as aggressive in the secondary.

Offenses are truly not as functional explosively as they’ve been in prior years. The versatility of defenses has caused a tremendous amount of lackluster performances from offenses. Performances that NFL fans aren’t use to. So what gives with the quarterbacks struggling? Are the defenses too much for them, or were NFL prognosticators getting ahead of themselves?

On Sunday there were plenty of quarterbacks that could have camouflaged with the world ugly. Ugly enough that their careers may be in jeopardy with the word buried. Let’s analyze where quarterbacks Jake Delhomme, Daunte Culpepper, Aaron Brooks, and Gus Frerotte.

Jake Delhomme
Critics can say Delhomme has cost the Panthers more than he has helped this season. He blew a game earlier this season to Miami, by throwing an interception when a game winning field goal was practically lined up. Sunday, he threw two gut wrenching touchdowns to the Detroit Lions. He seems to be way to lenient towards stud receiver Steve Smith. The magnetism of Smith is great, but sometimes you have to stray away to others. Delhomme took a serious lick and had to leave the Panthers last drive. It’s sad to say, but if he would have stayed in, we don’t think he would have done what Chris Weinke did. Delhomme is one of the worst quarterbacks in the league at keeping his composure for an entire drive. He is at the state that Jake Plummer use to be at.

Daunte Culpepper
Never again will fantasy owners look deep into one season. Blame Culpepper’s errors on a number of problems with Minnesota, but his own are prevalent. The team has went from Super Bowl aspirations to the worst of worst teams in the NFL. The nightmare he is in is going to continue. Minnesota needs a lot of changes, and Culpepper is going to have to stay through them. With all of the losing ahead for him, his play may become built in for a long time.

Aaron Brooks
Aaron is a display of a different quarterback every week. He can put up the performances that wow a crowd, and then others that will make them want to be reimbursed. He is still a young quarterback, but impatience is settling in with everyone in the Saints organization. Against Atlanta Sunday he did an amazing job in hitting receivers, and at times looked unstoppable. When his accuracy is on, he is one of the better quarterbacks in the league. The downside that has always stayed with Brooks, is that he is easy to get out of a groove. One hit, a dropped pass, or any type of negative play can throw him off for a length of time.

Gus Frerotte
The veteran hasn’t been getting enough credit. He placed the ball in the right spots against Tampa Bay but Miami couldn’t hang onto the ball. Either that or they were penalizing themselves. For the past two weeks that has been the story with Miami, and for Frerotte that can only boil over. The team is now 2-3 and in serious danger of being stuck in a bad losing streak. Turnovers are never a teams friend, and Miami is making that their own worst enemy.

The collaboration of quarterbacks being torn apart is strikingly high. Even Peyton Manning is being held in check. Call it what you want, but it’s just not a quarterback friendly year. It may be a trend that continues from season to season, or could be a one time thing. Surely, you’ll always need a reliable quarterback for your fantasy team. The key may be to just wait a duration of rounds before jumping on a starting quarterback. Daunte taught us all a valuable lesson.


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