Waiver Wire: Post Week Six

Who has the scooper ready? It’s time to put it to work.


Chris Simms
Don’t get jumpy on Tim Rattay, yet. He is just insurance in case the unexpected happens to Simms. Simms came in against Miami and delivered some nice throws and kept drives a live when needed. He’ll go through his normal struggles, but being a lefty usually helps out quarterbacks. Simms needs to learn quick, as the Buccaneers are poised for the playoffs.

Jeff Garcia
Watch Harrington finally have a nice game, now that Garcia is about ready to return. It’s just a matter of time before Garcia snatches the job away from Harrington. He has played horrible in every game this season, which is unheard of for an NFL starting quarterback.

Mark Brunell
Brunell is turning into his old school self, with monster passing games. He has developed a nice connection with Santana Moss, and is doing what was expected of him last season. The veteran will need to stay away from injury to lead this team for an entire year.

Jamie Martin
With Bulger out three weeks, this is a great chance to get some productive points for a few weeks from a no name. It depends how bad you’re hurting with your quarterbacks, but Martin should do fine. He was 17 of 21 on MNF with two bad picks. He seemed to never click in the second half like he did in the remaining of the first. Martin’s been in the system for quite awhile and just wasn’t ready to step on the field last Monday.

Running Backs

Chris Brown
A few weeks ago Brown had drifted to waiver wire lists. Now he is worthy of being picked back up after two solid weeks. Before that Brown was playing poorly and looked like he was having second year woes. Travis Henry is due back, so the tandem will be rolling once again. Still, Brown is a straight up runner that can get the job done.

Chester Taylor
Every week his limited carries seem to out do Jamal Lewis. It can’t be a coincidence every week. Either Jamal Lewis is playing hurt, or someone has stepped over him. Taylor is looking more and more like he’ll be the Ravens starting running back next season.

Greg Jones
James Stewart filled in Fred Taylor’s role on more than one occasion when in Jacksonville, and now it’s Jones turn. When Fred Taylor is out for a length of time it can turn into weeks on top of weeks. Jones is a hard runner that will get in the end zone. One thing about Jacksonville is they always run the ball steadily.

Wide Receivers

Doug Gabriel
Moss’s groin injury may turn to be a nagging problem, even if he tries to play this week. Gabriel seems to always be one break away from showing his talents. He played fantastic in preseason in a bigger role, and has done well during spot chances this year.

Az Hakim
One second he is gone and then he’ll show up. He fills the third receiver role nicely. He had a few monster games when he was a Ram in that role. With Deuce out for the year, Brooks’s arm is likely to be throwing an extra five to ten passes a game. That’s enough balls for Joe Horn, Stallworth, and Hakim to get catches.

Peerless Price
The Cowboys lost a big time young receiver in Patrick Crayton. Price now will try to fill in and up the value of the third receiver spot. No one really knows where Price is at in his career, as far as talent left. He was a potential super star a few years ago, and has battled some injuries since being cut by the Falcons. If he can return to form, he will thrive in the third wide receiver role.


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