Week One Wonders

By Zack Cimini

Press the brakes and visualize your computer trying to breakdown and crash right as you login to your fantasy football leagues. Don’t make the unnecessary early season waiver wire adds if you drafted appropriately. There are always those owners that can’t live with what they have and have to make changes right away. Maybe you need to, but don’t go after a one week wonder unless your bench depth is atrocious.


Chad Henne
Give Henne credit. All preseason he was the quarterback getting bashed the most. His outings during preseason were horrendous but he has shown in the past he can put some decent games together. With Miami’s backfield dinged up week one, the pressure was on Henne to deliver. He put up monster numbers and who knows that may be the game that gets his confidence going. Yet expecting a 400 yard passing game, and nearly sixty yards rushing with a touchdown classifies as a one week wonder.

Cam Newton
Rookie in all, Newton shrugged that off for a first start for the ages. It set the tone for his career, but no rookie goes through his first season without the typical rookie woes. They’re coming and they’ll come in bunches.

Rex Grossman
It’s not that Grossman hasn’t been a suitable quarterback for the Redskins in the preseason and start of this year. In fact, Grossman is a solid number two fantasy quarterback for your roster. In no possible ways though should Grossman be even thought of as a possible look, not even in deep leagues. His past track record speaks for itself.

Running Backs

Ben Tate-
There’s nothing like hype and more hype coming to fruition. Foster couldn’t make the start, and instantly the handcuffing of Foster for Ben Tate gave owners their gem a chance. Tate delivered with a hundred yard game and a touchdown. Foster isn’t going to miss the season. There are just too many Texans backs that will get carries. Even Derrick Ward will be somewhat of a factor.

Days of LT being a fantasy factor are increasingly coming to a halt. Last year he revived with a fresh new start as a Jet, but tailed off as the season wore down. It looks like the Jets are going to decrease his early season workload this year, and hope he has gas left for a playoff stretch run. His combined yards were solid week one, but he doesn’t have the speed left anymore to be a consistent pass catching threat weekly.

Wide Receivers

Kenny Britt
One thing about Matt Hasselbeck is that he may get things done on the field, but they never look pretty. Britt went almost the entire first half with barely any stats, only to explode in the second half. He is a big play receiver that will surely make more this year. With Hasselbeck though his numbers will decline by a good percentage.

Ted Ginn Jr
The return specialist is just that. It’s crazy to think that Miami drafted him ultimately as a receiver threat, and now he is just primarily a return specialist. It’s reverse for all the other super star specialists. They start out there and then get moved to more and more plays at wide receiver.

Doug Baldwin
If you have a Seattle player on your fantasy team, you’ve probably been the recipient of a joke or two in your fantasy league. It has to happen to somebody. Baldwin got enough catches and a touchdown to get desperate fantasy owners the quick trigger to want to ponder a move. Don’t get caught up in that.

David Nelson-
Tight ends did not have too great of a week one, and that may cause impatient fantasy owners to flock to the waiver wire in search of a replacement. Buffalo has their guy in Ryan Fitzpatrick, but they’re not going to light up the scoreboard like they did week one. Fitzpatrick is a game manager that makes the right throws when needed. Nelson is not worth a fantasy roster spot.


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