Quarterback Rankings For Week Two

By Zack Cimini

The passing game was supposed to struggle early on this season. Lack of preparation to get the chemistry intact was supposed to give the advantage to defenses. When Chad Henne and Cam Newton both throw for 400 yards, the glaring weaknesses in the NFL definitely aren’t at quarterback. Still, it’s hard in the NFL to put together solid outings on a consistent basis unless you’re one of the regular top tier fantasy quarterbacks.

Will there be a dip in fantasy production in week two? Expectantly so. Here are quarterback rankings for week two based upon match ups.

1. Tom Brady
The clinic he put on Monday night is put down as an instant classic performance. As the saying goes, what happens in preseason means nothing. Brady had time to thread the ball wherever and whenever he wanted to. With the freedom and amount of throws vs. the run New England does, it’ll be hard for Brady not to consistently be in the top two or three fantasy quarterbacks each week.

2. Aaron Rodgers
Just because the Packers played five days ago doesn’t mean Rodgers opening night performance should be over looked. Either Rodgers already has a great rapport with his receivers or he found a way to work with his receivers during the lockout. The timing he has in place with Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson is impressive.

3. Mike Vick
A poor completion percentage, but statistically that doesn’t matter in fantasy football. Vick looks as if he won’t have any issues performing with a new contract. Going up against his old team at Atlanta should truly be the unleashing moment for Vick’s return to the top.

4. Tony Romo
Unfortunate errors seem to plague Tony Romo. Analyzing the entire game vs. the Jets though, you have to be impressed with the way Romo played. It looks as if he may be ready to get into the tier one category of fantasy quarterbacks. Replacing Peyton Manning for 2011.

5. Philip Rivers
The San Diego Chargers always raise the level of intensity when they face the New England Patriots. There is an extended past history here. You best believe Rivers is going to want to outshine Tom Brady. It’s his nature to compete. Chad Henne’s dazzling performance is even more of an indicator to boost Rivers for this weekend.

6. Drew Brees
There is a lot of great match ups this week for quarterbacks if Brees is ranked sixth. Chicago is one of a few teams that knows how to game plan and frustrate Brees. The running game never truly got going in week one for the Saints. With a couple of receivers nicked up, Brees could have a tough time having a typical Brees outing.

7. Matt Schaub
The Dolphins don’t get any rest from an offensive attack. Houston ran the ball quite often against the Colts. Mostly to prevent from drubbing the Colts even worse in the total points column. Miami should stay in this game a bit longer. Meaning Schaub should have an aerial attack against the Dolphins poor secondary.

8. Jay Cutler
Cutler never really stretches the field for deep throws, but his yardage numbers add up in chunks. Mike Martz’s system has caught a lot of flack over the years, but it is safe and effective. Matt Forte’s extra YAC is becoming routine to pad Cutler’s stats.

9. Matt Stafford
Kansas City is in for a long season after being embarrassed in a home blowout loss to Buffalo. Detroit’s defense is going to feast off of Matt Cassel’s inability to deliver the ball with accuracy. Expect a lot of short fields and for the Lions to come out and make a statement that they’re a team to be reckoned with.

10. Joe Flacco
Nothing has changed with the way the Ravens defense showed up and stomped an opponent. The difference was in the scoreboard. Instead of a 13-7 victory, the Ravens were able to show some efficiency offensively for a 35-7 blowout. Flacco has shown he can deliver but has been so sporadic throughout his young career. Can he put it together over a full season?

11. Chad Henne
12. Ben Roethlisberger
13. Mark Sanchez
14. Rex Grossman
15. Matt Ryan
16. Josh Freeman
17. Ryan Fitzpatrick
18. Kevin Kolb
19. Kyle Orton
20. Eli Manning
21. Cam Newton
22. Colt McCoy
23. Sam Bradford
24. Jason Campbell
25. Donovan McNabb
26. Matt Hasselbeck
27. Tavaris Jackson
28. Matt Cassel
29. Luke McCown
30. Alex Smith
31. Andy Dalton
32. Kerry Collins


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