Week One Wonders

Before you get extra curricular on viewing a waiver wire pick up, think before wasting your time. Numbers do stand out, but look at prior numbers as well. If a guy is the fourth receiver, and has a breakout game, don’t expect that to continue. It’s called luck and making a couple of big plays when he was on the field. If an injury occurs on that team, than you may want to scoop that athlete up.


Gus Frerotte
Bad days are coming for Frerotte. His history shows that he has never been a steady quarterback. He hasn’t been able to remain a starter on a team ever, and that pattern will continue. Once he starts showing his true self, Sage Rosenfels will get his chance. You all just viewed Frerotte’s best game of the season.

JP Losman
Not ready is the keyword with Losman. His main value right now is his ability to scramble with his legs. But he is not going to have many solid games throwing the football, as defenses continue to learn his weaknesses. Give him time and he’ll be a nice fantasy quarterback.

Running Backs

Willie Parker
A great back but carries will be taken away shortly. Even though Staley is willing to take the back seat to Parker, he’ll get some carries. As will Jerome Bettis whenever he can return. Yardage may be Parker’s best friend this season, but reaching the end zone inside the ten won’t. He’ll have to break some mighty long runs to eclipse over five or six touchdowns. If you’re really weak at running back, you may just want to insert Parker along with Bettis or Staley. Likely Bettis, because he is known to bull doze for touchdowns. That way you’re sure to get the touchdowns and yardage points. It may sound crazy, but it’s guaranteed to work. When is the last week Pittsburgh’s running game has ever been shut down?

Stephen Davis
He looks old out there, and another injury is just around the corner. You’re supposed to have fresh legs after sitting out the majority of the off-season. If Carolina plans on using Davis as their main back, he will not make it past the mid point of the season. He had one run last week that he should have been able to break into the end zone, but instead he was tracked down embarrassingly. If Carolina starts to use Foster more like the did a few years ago, that will help Davis more than people would think. He can be a more aggressive and useful back with twelve to fifteen carries a game.

Wide Receivers

Frisman Jackson
Cupid must have set a one day date between a football and Frisman Jackson. The date went well but I think the football was only interested in a one day stand. Somehow Cleveland’s offense is stocked at wide receiver and running back. Once they can figure out which back to use, and get their young receivers acclimated this team is going to be back. Back to the point they were in 2002 when Tim Couch faded and Kelly Holcomb led them to the playoffs.

Joey Galloway
Galloway has the talent, but is more teasing than a woman secretary. Literally Galloway will be a forgotten sole, and pop up one week with a noticeable game. Ever since 1998 in Seattle his season stats have been detoriating worse than people getting yearly plastic surgery. Injuries are part of the blame, but he is thirty three now. Any great games this year will come because of having Michael Clayton on the other side.

Keenan McCardell
He sure left a burning trail against the Cowboys secondary. McCardell has always been a guy to rack up yardage, but the two touchdown receptions was amazing. The last time he had a multi touchdown game was October 6th, 2003. It’s a wait and see thing with McCardell. He could actually prove to be one of those strong veterans. With Antonio Gates back, that’s going to leave more open areas for McCardell to be found, or void McCardell out completely as Brees looks Gates way every time.


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