End of Week One Team Rankings

Change can’t go out of control in one week. So for the most part teams will hang around the top ten that were ranked there in the preseason. Even teams that start off 2-2. Just because a record is average doesn’t mean that team isn’t better than someone 3-1 or 4-0. When late October comes by that’s when a true picture of the real teams will begin to be foreseeable.

Biggest fall off:
Houston Texans from the nineteenth rank to twenty ninth.

Biggest Jump:
Buffalo from thirtieth spot to the twentieth.

1. New England (1)
Will things ever be different? This team must eat a lot of Wheaties, because they know how to win every week.

2. Atlanta (2)
It was good for the Falcons to be able to knock off the team that bounced them out last season. They’ll be facing the Eagles later down the road this season, so they’ll need to stay just as aggressive.

3. Philadelphia (3)
They were without their star linebacker and only lost because of the Falcons getting a few touchdowns early in the first quarter. Terrell Owens is off to another fantastic year, and Brian Westbrook may be the fastest back when hitting a hole.

4. Carolina (5)
Their running and passing game is back. The defense isn’t the best at stopping teams, but they make up for that with their turnover ability.

5. Pittsburgh (7)
No team can run the football as well as the Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger has been starting for almost a year now, and we still can’t fully evaluate his skills.

6. Indianapolis (8)
Baltimore’s offense didn’t enough to warrant the Colts defense a raving rating. If they can just slow down great offenses than the Colts may finally be able to defeat the Patriots.

7. Minnesota (6)
Culpepper is going to have to move past last weeks performance. There is too much pressure on him to let one game dwell in his mind.

8. New York Jets (4)
There are all sorts of concerns with the Jets now. Their defense gave up a fortune of yards on the ground, and Pennington still can’t find zip in his throws.

9. Dallas (9)
Impressive road win, and equally impressive debut by Drew Bledsoe. The team looks rejuvenated, especially Keyshawn Johnson.

10. Cincinnati (12)
The Bengals are creeping on their AFC opponents, and are have a serious shot at winning the division title.

11. New Orleans (18)
Will the Saints march come to a halt, or move in a steadily climb?

12. NY Giants (14)
Jumped out the gates with an offensive attack.

13. Kansas City (17)
We’ve seen this before in early weeks of the regular season from the defense.

14. Jacksonville (22)
As long as Jimmy Smith stays solid, Leftwich is going to improve by the weeks.

15. Tampa Bay (24)
Carnell Williams looks like the early ROY winner.

16. St. Louis (10)
Lets hope they just under valued the 49ers.

17. Denver (11)
An embarrassing week one loss. It was a dismal display on both sides of the ball. Denver’s franchise could be under serious jeopardy in the coaching and quarterback departments.

18. San Diego (13)
Tough losses like the one they had against the Cowboys, can’t happen if they want to return to the playoffs.

19. Baltimore (15)
The defense needs some sort of help.

20. Buffalo (30)
The defense may be able to carry this team to some extra wins that they shouldn’t get.

21. Oakland (23)
Kerry Collins needs to play consistent for an entire game instead of just stretches. Still the Raiders played well against the defending Super Bowl champs.

22. Detroit (26)
The Lions did this last year, and look to be off to another 2-0 start.

23. Seattle (16)
Hit the alarm button, jobs are on the line.

24. Green Bay (20)
The Pack are fading to the back of the pack.

25. Miami (27)
Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas continue to wreck offenses.

26. Tennessee (25)
The defense can’t allow that many rushing yards every week, can they?

27. Cleveland (29)
Trent Dilfer and the Browns offense may actually do alright this year.

28. Arizona (21)
A team can’t win without an offensive line.

29. Houston (19)
Pitiful opening week.

30. Washington (29)
Mark Brunell’s ninth life.

31. San Francisco (32)
At least they won’t have to count on the Cardinals for wins this year.

32. Chicago (31)
The passing game isn’t threatening. It causes the most aggressive style of defense possible, because they can just attack.


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