Improved Stock

Downgrades due to surroundings are often the case for plenty of highly potential athletes. If your supporting cast is weak, than it’s just a part of the territory. The athlete that could be great on a strong team slips to a bench or free agent list in fantasy leagues. We all know how predictions can be wrong. Especially in today’s world of sports, where the change is so rapid that grasping a feel for a team is hard to do. Now that week one is over though, there are some opportunities. Players that stock were low a week ago have been placed into the radar category.


Byron Leftwich
Leftwich has always harbored around below average stats, even though he has played beyond them. The Jaguars have always kept Leftwich mistake free by letting him grow slowly. Last year he started to have the occasional glimpses of big fantasy play, only to back track the weeks following. It looks like Jacksonville is ready to let Leftwich utilize his arm fully. With the freedom to throw more, Leftwich should now become a mid to low range top ten quarterback in fantasy football.

Trent Dilfer
It’s hard to believe, but Dilfer did impress in his Browns debut. We don’t know how it happened, and don’t expect it to continue. Factoring in the Browns and Bengals usual no defense against each other, had to have been the reason. Still, Dilfer has jumped at least five to seven spots from being at the bottom of fantasy football rankings. That would still make him a non considerable fantasy football quarterback.

Mark Brunell
Here we go again. Brunell will get probably his last chance to be a true real NFL starter. Basically if he can prove something, the Redskins may use him for a few more years. If not, he’ll have to settle for back up duty else where. The Redskins have plenty of offensive talent. It’s time to see if Brunell can gut it out like he did back in Jacksonville.

Running Backs

Lamont Jordan
His first game was average at best, but he displayed what we all needed to see and that’s ability. He had a strong first half, before the Raiders offense folded completely. With Moss and a healthy Porter out there, Jordan will be able to break some long gains. The only problem that remains is Zack Crockett. Crockett showed that he still can do damage, and is likely still their short yardage guy.

Carnell Williams
All the talk about the Vikings improved defense proved to be a laughing matter. Rookies aren’t supposed to be able to make a mockery of a defense in their first game. It’s only going to get brighter for Williams, and the Buccaneers are truly deep, deep, dark horses in the NFC.

Wide Receivers

Plaxico Burress
Eli showed the maturation of someone with a little experience. Little is a key word, but should move into the phase intermediate soon. Manning has a big deep threat target in Burress, and they’ve already got chemistry on the field.

Chris Chambers
Chambers is probably the best talented receiver in the NFL that gets bogged down the most for being on a weaker team. He only had forty receiving yards in week one, but the fact that Miami showed on offense was promising. Chambers is a special receiver, that will make a ton of plays when given the opportunity. With Miami looking to actually throw, Chambers should return to the type of numbers he had a few years ago.

Steve Smith
Questions of recovering from injury were rethought, “I didn’t say anything”. Before anyone could even ask the question, Smith showed what he is all about. A legitimate top ten receiver, who probably has one of the best shots at beating out a Torry Holt, Moss, or Harrison for most yardage in the league.


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