Week Eight Wonders

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Russ Wilson
Wilson has now thrown for over 200 yards in three of his last four games, after not being able to do it the first four games. He just isn’t ready to be a quarterback of fantasy relevancy. He has a total of ten touchdowns compared to eight interceptions. If he is not producing double digit touchdowns he is surely going to offset his numbers with interceptions.

Blaine Gabbert
Gabbert and the Jaguars have played two solid games in a row. One against the Raiders Gabbert could not finish due to injury or they may have won at Oakland by double digits. Gabbert may be one of those old fashioned young quarterbacks that needs a year or two under center before true growth happens. He has had flashes and this game is another. Wait for a string of quality games before picking Gabbert up.

Running Backs

Donald Brown

Brown’s return from injury did not mean he would get the near full load of carries like he did prior. Indianapolis spread the carries out just about even with Vick Ballard and Brown. Brown has shown he can not handle a majority of the load. Maybe this will boost his yards per carry and effectiveness in a Felix Jones type of way.

Ronnie Brown
Some games defenses are just able to master a plan against an opposing quarterback. That’s exactly what the Browns did Sunday against Philip Rivers. Rivers is the type of quarterback that likes to take risks anyways, but must have had the Broncos game still in the back of his head. Instead of gunning the football in tight spots he settle for check down throws to Ronnie Brown. Fifteen fantasy points for Ronnie Brown as a pass catching running back will not happen again this season.

Wide Receivers

Cecil Shorts

It’s clear that Shorts has developed into the Jaguars number one receiver, but for how long? As the season stretches past the mid point you have to believe Justin Blackmon will come on eventually. Give Shorts credit though as he fought his way up the roster past Laurent Robinson and has been fairly consistent even when Gabbert was struggling.

Jason Witten
During Tony Romo’s interception fest first half, someone telephoned down to him to stop throwing the ball so much to Dez Bryant when you have sure handed Jason Witten. Romo may have got the advice late but he made sure Jason Witten had about four games worth of catches. Eighteen catches is unheard of from even a wide receiver. Witten has fought off a few injuries this season and likely will re-shift to the first option for Romo to safeguard his throws. But 18 catches is definitely a one week wonder stat.


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