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Sports Betting Future

Wednesday, 6 February, 2019

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The direction of sports betting is quickly becoming the mainstream hot topic. As the chase for the top industry information begins, Zack is proud to be one of the top leaders year in and year out.

As stated before Zack’s plans are to expand as he believes he is the unquestionable leader of the industry. Production wise it can’t be disputed.

With that being said handicapping will continue but will have more disruptions than in years past as he puts plans into place.

Podcast Update: Role Change in Sports Betting Industry

Wednesday, 18 July, 2018

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Zack Cimini discusses the future of his role in the industry. Expect more via as he puts on more former hats for expanding in the industry.

Fantasy football enthusiasts vs. Sports Handicappers

Saturday, 27 June, 2015

The line between fantasy and reality is being blurred by the rapidly-growing Daily Fantasy Sports market, offering fans a chance to not only build the team of their dreams and test their football knowledge but earn big money by playing fantasy sports against other passionate pigskin aficionados. In fact, fantasy footballers are more like sports handicappers than ever before.

Fantasy sports are nothing new to the mainstream, stemming from those hallowed Rotisserie League days in the 1980s and booming in popularity at the turn of the century. Much like sports betting, fantasy football gets fans to not just tune into their favorite NFL teams each Sunday but also watch games involving different players on their fantasy rosters.

And, again like sports betting, managing your fantasy team – daily or season-long – takes a keen eye to spot value in certain matchups that may not be visible to the average fan. Fantasy football is one of the most underrated places to find sports betting tips, and vice versa.

For example, sports handicappers may look to play the Under in a contest in which a team’s passing game is facing a stingy secondary that ranks among the top pass defenses in the NFL, knowing that the offense won’t be able to pick up big gains and will likely have to run the ball more than usual – keeping the gains short and the clock ticking.

The fantasy football player sees this matchup in a similar light, spotting added value in the offense’s running back, knowing the team won’t be passing as much and giving the rusher extra carries to try and move the chains while taking pressure off the receivers and forcing the defense to loosen up on the pass coverage.

One of the biggest trends in fantasy football in recent years is the shift away from the rushing game, with most teams using a multi-back run attack, and the boom in passing. Since defenses are all but handcuffed when defending receivers, more importance is being put on quarterbacks and wideouts – but also running backs who can make plays after the catch. Finding a hybrid running back, that can run the ball and also make catches, is a smart way to win your weekly or daily fantasy football matchup.

Know The Commish

Monday, 5 August, 2013

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The days of summer can last just as long as they use to when you were out of school as a youngster. It’s the down time of the year typically, and for a sports fan is ever so toned down. You pick up your Sports Illustrated or favorite sports magazine and your reading snippets on previews of your favorite teams and teams that are dangerous. Just like the previews at the theatre you have to wait that extra three to four months before the show begins.

Just like movie previews the snippets from the article sometimes can be a total 360 of the actual outcome. Just like over/under NFL team total outcomes which can be viewed along with week one NFL lines and NFL totals

From a fantasy sports perspective hopefully you’ve come to the annual decision to limit yourself to a certain amount of leagues. You’re not only doing yourself a disservice but your fellow buddies as well if you join an over abundance of leagues. Fantasy leagues are more competitive than ever and there is nothing worse than an owner not as active as the other eight to thirteen fantasy owners.

Seeding is on the line each and every week. The phrase “tanking the season” is illustrated in the professional sports world in arguments that teams are chasing a draft pick rather than concentrating on the finish line. The same happens in fantasy football when an owner gets over committed in leagues and ditches a sure losing team for more concentration in a different cash league.

If you’re the commissioner develop rules in place that can limit that from happening, or develop a keeper league that forces almost all owners to have solid interest for an entire fantasy season.

One other area I want to touch on while were in the month of many fantasy drafts being conducted. Know your commissioner especially if you’re going to join a money league. How many times have you been approached by a buddy of a buddy that wants to see if you want to join a money league? All of you more than likely.

When it comes down to payment or payout you connection with the commissioner might end up being as drawn out as the A-Rod and biogenesis pending suspensions.

I’ve heard all too often of people never seeing the money they put into a league. You have to figure that payouts in fantasy leagues come right after Christmas and the holiday season. If you do not have a trustworthy commissioner you will not see a penny of it back. Pressing after a week or two in a low-stakes money league becomes an after thought by you, and that is that. You’ve got an avatar league title to show for your money league victory.

Go into a league knowing your commissioner 100 percent. If you do not know your commissioner all too well, than make sure there is assurance of payout. Sites like LeagueSafe and other ventures should be much safer than handing over cash to a buddy to deliver to an alleged commissioner.

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The Same Old Mess in Buffalo

Thursday, 18 July, 2013

The 2000’s in the AFC have been dictated 100 percent by the New England Patriots. Many have tabbed it the Bill Belicheck era. Others like myself have shifted focus to the other teams within the division. Miami, Buffalo, and the New York Jets have been the worst competitive teams for a total division, and are at the peak of that label currently. It boils down to the front office, and Buffalo has been one of the worst at making solid decisions.

This season the Bills are in yet again another quarterback battle that 75 percent of teams in the NFL would never be in. For the Bills to consider Kevin Kolb as a starter is laughable. He lost his job several times in Arizona. Once to an undrafted rookie in Max Hall, and countless times to Matt Leinart checkdown duplicator John Skelton.

He has no value as a starter and in a few years will be buried on a teams depth chart as a third string quarterback. For Kolb to be labeled a veteran is a joke in of itself. He was a backup second year quarterback when he had his two successful starts in place of Donovan McNabb. His time in Arizona was filled with injuries, miscues, and defenses making a joke of his pocket presence. In my book Kolb has as much of a resume as Matt Flynn.

To make matters worse the Bills reached high in the first round when they drafted EJ Manuel. New head coach, Doug Marrone, was figured to reach for Ryan Nassib by many draft analysts, and he fell all the way until the second day. For Manuel to go as the first drafted quarterback already adds to the pressure Manuel will face this season.

Lets shift back to the quarterback battles the Bills have had since the early 2000’s.

Rob Johnson vs Doug Flutie
Drew Bledsoe vs JP Losman
JP Losman vs Trent Edwards
Trent Edwards vs Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ryan Fitzpatrick vs Vince Young
and now……..this

Talk about a perfect blueprint for non-success. The mid 1990’s for the Buffalo Bills have been evaporated and kept in boxes as old VHS tapes in Bills fans garages. Commemorating ceremonies of the old Bills teams is the only thing the Bills fans have to look forward to every year.

2013……Call up Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Don Beebe, Andre Reed, and Bruce Smith once again mid-season in a torture game of mistakes by either Kevin Kolb or EJ Manuel.


Monday, 3 June, 2013

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Monday’s are usually days that the sports schedule does not have too many spotlight games. Today, though, there is a game seven in the NBA. And it’s not just any team. It’s the Miami Heat, who have had the focus of the media almost more than Tim Tebow.

Each day, i give a free play and today’s is the Miami Marlins. They’re coming off a surprising three game sweep of the New York Mets. It’s the most life that this team has shown this season. The comedy of jokes on each player on the roster has been stunted temporarily. I think their momentum continues against Kyle Kendrick and the Phillies.

Kendrick gave up seven hits to this Marlins team in early May. That was during an atrocious stretch for the Marlins bats. They’re coming in hitting the ball well as a team, and should boost that outing of hits into the double digit range.

You can either take Miami as a moneyline play, or be on the safer side and take them +1.5 as a -140 payout.